Friday, September 30, 2011

show us your life -- where do you shop for kids?

Linking up with Kelly again this week for Show Us Your Life Friday. Today the topic is -- where do you shop for your kids clothes?

Ahahaha. couldn't have picked a better one for me!
I LOVE shopping, and I love dressing my girls in sweet little outfits.
I like my girls to look like little girls. I am NOT a fan of most outfits size 8 & up. 
I don't know what I'm going to do when they're older!

One of my favorite ways to shop are consignment shops, thrift stores, childrens clothing expos. 
There is an amazing consignment shop in my town where I have gotten several good smocked dresses at for $7 and under. THAT is a good price! She also sells bows & that means I'm there a LOT! 
I have found good things at Goodwill before, but it's few & far between. 
Childrens clothing expos are probably my favorite. We have one that comes to our area twice a year & I always load up. A few weeks ago I got three smocked bishop dresses, another boutique dress, and a ride-on toy for $45. You can't even buy ONE smocked bishop dress for that price, hardly!

One place I've recently found is the Monogram Exchange on Facebook. People sell their monogrammed kids clothes for decent prices. I haven't found anything there for Sara or June....YET. But I'm sure I will, and I'm sure I'll be completely excited!

I love Zulily. You have to sign up to use it -- if you want an invite, please let me know! I will send one to your e-mail. It's good to recommend it because for every recommendation, you get $15 credit when they make their first purchase. I think that's awesome!
I've seen lots of good sales on there. They start at 8am CST and 9am EST. The best things go first, so if you can catch it early, that's better. Yesterday I ordered June the sweetest little owl dress for $14.99! You can't even hardly find something for that price in Wal-Mart or Target. And it's free shipping!

I also love Totsy. Same exact concept as Zulily.

I love Facebook pages for kids clothes, too. Smockadot, SmockItToMe, Shrimp & Grits, Lolly Wolly Doodle, just to name a few.

Crazy 8 (a lower end version of Gymboree), Gymboree, Target, & Old Navy also have super cute things at really affordable prices.

These are just a few of my favorite places -- head on over to Kelly's Korner, link up & share yours!

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