Wednesday, September 28, 2011

oh how pinteresting wednesday

I have long since fallen into the clean cut, well lined, beautiful depths of Pinterest.
And I haven't looked back since.
If you don't know what Pinterest is -- shoot me your e-mail and I will send you an invite.
It's seriously AMAZING!


Today I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for "Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday" for the very first time! I'm excited to show ya'll some of my finds that I'm loving -- but I'm saving some of the best for a post next week -- they are for Sara's birthday party! 

Without further ado:

How CUTE is this Alabama wreath? You could totally do it in your favorite teams colors -- but this house will definitely be rocking the Crimson Tide colors. And maybe the Florida Gators colors. 
I guess I'll give in. 
Because we are a family divided & game days are SERIOUS around here!

I'm going to be making this veeeery soon. I love it! I want one for my front door -- but I think I may make one for the girls room first!

Isn't this the sweetest prayer ever? I need to remind myself of this more often than not. I plan on printing something like this off, framing it, and putting it somewhere in my home to remind myself daily.

I love this tree skirt. And it just so happens I'm going to be needing a new one this year.

I must be on a wreath kick here lately. I think I need to make this one for Halloween!

Don't forget to head on over to The Vintage Apple and link up! 

I hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday. It's storming here, so we will be spending it inside, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms (you know -- the FUN stuff!) and things like that. June has speech therapy this afternoon...I'm not wanting to get out of the house in the rain for that, but I guess I will!

Please remain in prayer for my friends husband, SSG Jeremy Simon. I posted about them here
Further attempts to fly Jeremy home have been unsuccessful, so Erica is flying to Germany today to be with him. They are going to attempt to fly him to Walter Reed tomorrow.
Our military families make a great sacrifice to protect this country -- it's selfess and it's unexplainable. But when your loved one is critically injured while fighting that fight -- it's the worst thing in the world.
You don't have to support this war.
I don't.
But you CAN support our men & women fighting for your freedom to choose whether or not to support it.


The Jammie Girl said...

The quotes and prayers are one of my favorite parts of Pinterest. I don't know why I hadn't thought about printing our my favorites and putting them around the house - what a fabulous idea! And of course I'll put them in dollar store frames I've fancied up with ideas from . . . PINTEREST!

Holly said...

Great pins! Love all the wreaths especially the orange one. So perfect for Halloween!

Happy Wednesday :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Ruthie Hart said...

I saw that beautiful tree skirt this week! I can't start thinking about Christmas yet!

Ashley said...

hey girl! great pins:) love em all

Joeylee said...

great pins. love that tree skirt, so pretty

Alana said...

I'm an Air Force wife from Alabama too! :) Roll Tide!

HappyascanB said...

I love Pinterest, but I have not let myself get totally addicted to it. YET. I want to follow you! My email is Will that help?

Leah from Sweet and Sour Showers said...

Made my first ever wreath last night! Can't wait to try more