Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meal Plan MOnday....on Wednesday

Hey ya'll It's been a hot minute!
I won't waste your time giving you excuses, I'm just going to hop back into things.
Disclaimer: I know it's Wednesday. I know this is a Meal Plan Monday post.
WiFi issues are of the devil.
And Wendy's WiFi is terrible.
Don't ask me how I know!
Anyway, here is our weekly meal plan. Now that I'm home full-timef rom the hospital (praise the Lord!), I've started doing things differently. I plan for Monday-Sunday of each week, and I grocery shop on Tuesday. Our local grocery store gives a 5% military discount on Tuesday, and every little bit helps. This week I saved $4. :) Usually on Monday we'll just have a "clean out the fridge" kind of meal. This is my first week trying this an I hope it works!
Monday: pancakes & sausage
Tuesday: out to Chick-Fil-A
Wednesday: vegetable soup & cornbread
Thursday: leftover soup (it's better the second day anyway!)
Friday: Italian pork chops, white rice, roasted garlic mushrooms
Saturday: baked ziti (except I'm cleaning out the pantry & using rotini), salad
Sunday: chicken taco nachos with all he fixings
So far we are on track for the week! Please share your meal plans below if you make one.
I love to see what other people are cooking for supper. I'll take inspiration wherever I can get it. :)
Ya'll have  a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Translant Life: Day +6

Well, things went off Wednesday wihout a hitch.
My donors cells arrived and I was hooked up by 11 a.m. or so.
It only took about an hour....and then I had this mans cells in my body.
It's so weird. I know he must be a kind, generous man to donate bone marrow to save someones life.
But I wonder.


Last Wednesday (transplant day) went off well.
No complications.
We received word around 10 AM that my donors cells had arrived,
and around 10:45 we were ready to proceed.
It's kind of weird, if you think about it.
I know little about this person. I know he is a white 27 year old male.
I know he must be a kind, giving man to willingly  choose to go through this process to save someone's life.
But I wonder.

I wonder if he's married. What he does for a living. What color eyes he has. Does have children? Does he wonder about me? Does he know he is saving the life of a young wife and mother?
What does my body look like on the inside with his cells there?
It's So. Weird.
I've been having a time with nausea, but nothing too severe I'm sill able to eat, although not nearly as much as before - which is probably  good thing!
My counts are all low, but I haven' had to be transfused - yet.
I'm sure it's coming, though.
I am having issues with a high heart rate, but I've had  these issues before
and they are not too serious. We are talking about medicine if it continues.
Easily controlled.
I'm blessed that we've had friends and family come up.
Thursday, the Tubbs came and brought a ig goody basket filled with sacks.
and Jessica - thanks for reading my blog and suggesting the v8 juice!
They have really hit the spot.
Other family members have been coming, too. It's s nice to break up the days!
I miss this fellow, though. He's back at home, being SuperDad and taking care of the girls, the dog, the house, and work. I don't have to worry....much....because he is pretty good at it. :)
**I wrote this yesterday with intentions to publish it today (Tuesday) but some things changed and I wanted to include them. Over the past 24 hors I have developed two serious ulcers in my mouth, one on each side and originating from the wisdom tooth pocket area They are SO painful. It is hard to eat or drink anything due to the  pain. But this morning, I gave in and let them give me some pain medicine - and it's helped SO much. I'm now ontwo different mouth washes plus the pain meds as needed, and even though I'm sleeping my life away (it's 3 pm and I just woke up for the day) it's good because I'm not fighting so much pain an I'm getting the rest I need to heal. I also received a platelet infusion this morning. My platelets were at 5 and the threshold for infusion is at 10.
Please remember us in your prayers as I continue to heal from this and my family helps me. 
Pray the children don't get sick and my husband stays well too so that I can see them over the weekend.! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Menu Plan Monday! 7.7.14

I'm linking up again with Organzing Junkie on her weekly series, Menu Plan Monday.
This is week 2 of planning "Daddy-style" and so far, I think he's doing a good job. :)
Last week was a little crazy due to my transplant, the girls being away for a few days and the holiday.
This morning, I sent him the meal plan and grocery list and issued orders for the grocery store.
Some of you may wonder why I'M doing the planning and general grocery list since I'm in the hospital 2.5 hours away, recovering from a bone marrow transplant?
Because it makes me feel useful.
It is our adaption to this current season of life.
And if I didn't do this, my kids would be eating grilled cheese and carrot sticks every day.
Monday: stroganoff, peas
Tuesday: 15 bean soup and cornbread
Wednesday: Leftover 15 bean soup and cornbread
Thursday: scrambled eggs, biscuits, sausage
Friday: Spaghetti
Saturday: alfredo pasta with asparagus
Sunday: cheesy broccoli tuna helper, green beans
Not the healthiest- but t's still healthy and easy enogh for him to put together in 30 minutes so hat he can focus on spending time with he children ding the week.
 And another plus - we only needed 10 items to make this menu plan happen.
And for that I am thankful.
 Because groceries are ridiculously expensive.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Favorites

I love reading about other peoples monthly favorites.
I sometimes feel mine are always the same, but yet I still share away!
For the month of June, I've been loving...
EOS lip balm

I LOVE this stuff. I started using mine in February, have used it consistently since then and its STILL nowhere near gone. I have seriously chapped lips from the chemo and it does wonders for them.
Plus, it's cheap!

Nivea lotion
This Nivea lotion makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. Like my lips, my skin has suffered the effects of chemo as well and is so dry and ashy at times. I use this every time I get out of the bath. It doesn't make my skin oily or too slippery. If you do have oily skin already, I probably wouldn't use this on a regular basis - but it's definitely a good deep hydrating lotion.

Olay Face Moisturizer
I definitely know I have shared this before. I've been using it for two years now, been through about 4 bottles, and I have no desire to change it up. Makes my skin moisturized without being greasy. When I  am more dry, I use it twice a day. When I'm more oily-ish (is that  a word?!) I use it once a day. You can find it pretty much anywhere, but the cheapest I've found it is at the Dolla Gentral (have ya'll seen those Hannah and Kaylee YouTube videos?)for $6.50.
Don't make the mistake I did and buy it at Ulta for like $12. No sir.
Ain't nobody got time for that!
Skype s a lifesaver for my family. Literally. With this invention, I'm able to see my girls and Mike every night. I can help my girls pick out clothes for the next day. I can help them with homework. I can see my oldest reading her books to me, and watch the spirited shows my 4 year old likes to put on.
It keeps me encouraged and feeling like I'm still a bi g part of their every day life.
Leopard print....anything!

I got these leopard and pink Sperrys a few months ago on major clearance at Dillards.
How much did I pay for them?
You heard me.
Can I get a WHAT WHAT/!

V8 Juice
Stop gagging, ya'll. It's not that bad, for real!
I don't drink it for its nutritional value or anything, but because I'm not allowed fresh fruit or veg right now (due to possible bacteria) and this is the closest I can get.

Well, that's all folks! My June favorites once again.
I hope ya'll had a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Meal Plan Monday 6.3.2014

It's Menu Plan Monday - Daddy style!
If you don't know, I (the mama) am in the hospital 2.5 hours away,
having a bone marrow transplant.
I have always planned our meals, and it is the #1 money saving tip I have.
 Plus, you don't  end up wasting
and buying junk that just sits in your cabinets until it dies a lonely death.
I'm linking up with Organizing Junkie. If you meal plan, or if you want to get started - check her out! There are tons of link ups each week and the ladies give some really great tips and ideas.
Now remember, this is Daddy-style.
This means the recipes are super quick and easy because they won't get home until about 5:45,
 and bedtime is 8:30.
Monday: ramen noodles and egg rolls
Tuesday: alfredo pata with mushrooms, chicken, and green pepper
Wednesday: Transplant day - girls are going to family and Mike will eat out
Thursday: Mike will be alone,, so sandwiches or out
Friday: same as Thursday
Saturday: homemade cheese pizza
Sunday: spaghetti and garlic bread

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!
I hope ya'll had a great day today.
Mama and I had some visitors here in Atlanta.
These folks came up to visit awhile, and I'm thankful.
It was a break in the monotony, mama got to get out and grab some more food supplies,
and we ate some good chicken & potato salad.
And they got SWEET TEA and brought it back!
You don't realize how much you miss sweet tea until you don't have it.
#thestruggleisreal  #firstworldproblms
Days -4 and -3 have been uneventful.
My counts have started to drop a little, but that is what we want and is what is expected.
I got to see one of my favorite doctors today, Dr. Koury.
Last January he met us in the ER with my first trelapse and gave me little hope.
He's said he doesn't understand the recoveries.
Truth be told, I don't either.
But I serve a God greater than any doctor, medicine, or problem.
He brings an understanding I can't even explain.
Peace, joy, an EVER present strength when I have none left.
Other than that, noting is happening, friends.
That's okay, though! I'll let you go now so that I can get back to the fried chicken and my book.
You know, the important  things in life. :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Transplant Life: Days -6 and -5

Yesterday morning, my mom, Mike, and I dropped the girls off at daycare
 and headed back to Atlanta.
I hate saying goodbye to them. It'll be about four onths before I'm home again.
But there's got to be some rain to see the rainbow, right?

They did good, alll things considered. I signed them in and gave them some last hugs and kisses.
They didn't cry, thank the Lord.
I think it was a good idea to do it in the play area because they were just excited to go and play with the new toys and their friends. I was able to get in the truck before I started crying.
I only let myself cry for a second, though.
There are some who have it way worse than me.
I'm going into this thing healthy as I can be.
I'm in remission, I'm tolerating chemo well, my counts are ALL normal.
I have the best support system anyone could want.
I have someone who can stay here with me while my husband stays home
 and continues a stable lifestyle for our girls and works to provide for our family.
I have NO reason to let myself wallow in self pity - God is too good for that!
Day -6 _meaning 6 days to transplant) consisted of having my chest PICC line placed, getting settled
  into my room and receiving my first dose of chemo.

My doctor has a sense of humor! :)
 I was able to do the chest line with no sedation (something I am absolutely terrified of),
 It hurt.
A lot.
I cried on the table.
I almost wanted to punch the doctor.
 I think he  was more rough than he actually needed to be.
 I'm pretty sure someone spit in his Cheerios before he came into the room
 and shoved that thing into my neck and chest.
 But it's over, and taking it out is a whole lot easier than putting it in!

Day -5 is about the same so far. We unpacked te rest of our things.
 My new line is still sore, but I haven't had to take any pain medicine so far.
I've got chemo scheduled for tonight.
 I walked 1/2 a mile so far out in the hall.
 I talked to Mike and the girls. They had a squadron family day and it sounds like they had a blast. The girls went waing and got soaked!

So all in all, Day 2 of 100 Days in Atlanta has gone well.
I pray they pass quickly and I can get back to complaining about cleaning, the girls not doing their chores cheerfully, Mike's boots left beside the door, his belt left in his pants, and change in the washing machine.