Friday, January 30, 2015

Week in Review - and Something Special!

This week has FLOWN by!
Is it really Friday? I can't hardly believe it.
Isn't this coffee cup so ute?! Target for $2.99
You know you want need one!
Monday - I had an appointment at Emory with my oncologist/APL doctor.
We were checking up on the GVHD and things are looking up.
The rash was healing well, yada yada.
Tuesday I rushed around like a madwoman - we had ladies prayer that morning, lunch afterward, then I hit up THREE grocery stores (Publix, Fresh Market & Target) - you can check that haulage out here:
(I listed all the totals in the downbar of the video.)
Wednesday...I don't even remember what I did that day.
How's that even possible to forget a whole day when it was just 48 hours ago?!
Chemobrain? Mommy-brain? Something?
Thursday I went back to Emory to see my BMT doctor for another checkup with the GVHD.
The rash is still improving, which is good. The not-so-good is that the GVHD is effecting my lipids and most importantly, my liver. My liver enzymes are quite high and so is my bilirubin.
They changed almost all of my medicines in one way or another.
This should help....but I'm not fearful.
Honestly? The worst thing about it right now is that a) I'm super tired because my vit D levels are so low they're not even detected; and b) I've got mouth sores. And hey - if tha's all I have to complain about, life is pretty splendid!
This goofball (better known as SareBear in our house) and I have been working on finding ways to use the word splendid.
She read it in a book the other day and let's just say....
it has opened her splendid eyes to a splendid new way of a splendid life!
And today it's FINALLY FRIDAY!
I've just been working on getting a lot accomplished online this morning and am getting ready to rn a slew of errands. The weekend is shaping up t a be  a nice, relaxing one and I'm ready!
Before I let ya'll go, I wanted to share this. My friend cross stitched this for me as a surprise and it bring me to tears that she - or anyone - would do something so special for me. It's going to be framed and hung up very soon!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Meal Plan Monday! 1.26.15-

Monday: chicken and dumplings
Tuesday: pancakes, eggs and sausage
=Wednesday: whole roasted chicken, corn, roasted red potatoes
Thursday: chicken noodle soup
(with leftover chicken and broth made from it)
Friday: salmon, sweet potato and broccoli chowder, rolls
Saturday: minestrone, rolls
Sunday: crockpot garlic chicken, turnips, cowboy beans

This week is fairly simple - and I like it that way.
I'm excited to roast a whole chicken because I've never done it before.
I will (hopefully) make a post separately about that
because I have been saving the ends of my vegetables
to make delicious broth with it for soup the next day.
I also have never made minestrone so look for that one, too!
I'm using How Jen Does It
has the recipe for the minestrone.
She's never done me wrong - go check her out!
Also, if you want some inspiration - or you write your own meal plan and share it -
go link up at Organizing Junkie.
Even though the weeks meals are fairly simple, the week itself....
is fairly busy.
I went to Atlanta today for a check on my GVHD
These trips take all day.
Tuesday night is free, Wednesday night is church, Thursday I go back to the ATL,
Friday night is soccer registration for the girls,
Saturday is a birthday party for June that she will attend with her daddy,
Sara has proclaimed it a "Sara and Mama date-day"
and Sunday is church.

Is it bed time yet?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Easy Peanut Butter Cookie recipe - And Video!

Today I thought I would share with you a quick little recipe that my family loves.
I'll be the first to tell you that I'm NOT the one to bake,
but this cookie is super easy to make - and only uses 3 ingredients!
Can't beat that. :)
Easy Peanut Butter Cookies
1 cup sugar
1 cup peanut butter
1 egg
Mix all three ingredients well.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.
To be honest I usually make a double or triple batch because this only turns out about 7-8 cookies.
That will last us about half a week since I send them for lunches and things like that.
I even made them for the girls Sunday school class last weekend and haven't heard any complaints. :)Horrible baker tested, kid approved!
That's a win in my book!
Here's the video I made for my YouTube chanel for the recipe.
It's my first ever cooking video, so please be patient and kind. :)
I hope ya'll have a great day today.
Please say a prayer for me - I am headed to Atlanta for a checkup
on my Graph Versus Host Disease.
I have an update coming this week on YouTube and via blog...
I know God can make it a very, very positive one!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meal Plan Monday - and a Life Update!

I'm not going to say it.
I'm not going to say - "Hey ya'll! I'm baaaaack! I'm going to get into a regular posting schedule! My life has been cray-cray in the nay-nay but I'm going to carve out time for the old blog!"
Nope. Not gonna do it.
(But I am going to try my best!)
First I'll share our weekly meal plan, & then I'll get to the good stuff... the dreaded "update post".
Monday: Lunch (everybody was home due to the holiday) steak quesadillas,
 black bean and Havarti dill nachos.
Supper: fried pork chops (seasoned with dry Italian mix, seasoned salt, pepper, oregano), mashed potatoes & homemade gravy, Tuscan steamed broccoli
prosciutto pasta with homemade (from scratch) tomato cream sauce. I'm using this recipe for it - and of course I'm changing a few things up, so I may make a video and share with you guys! I'm adding spinach, parmesan and diced roma tomatoes to the dish. Served with an arugula and spinach salad.
I have an all-day doctors appointment in Atlanta, so it will be sandwiches, leftovers, or pancakes.
Something totally easy and with as least fuss as possible.
(Least fuss? Less fuss? Pardon me, I'm no English major....)
Chicken korma, sticky white rice, peas, and naan bread.
Don't get excited - its a jarred sauce from Trader Joe's. :)
Spinach lasagna roll-ups and salad
Recipe courtesy of the lovely How Jen Does It. Seriously, it's so good. I made them one night a few weeks ago and my family loved them so much, they requested them the next night!
beef tis in gravy with mushrooms, corn, and rice
chicken and dumplings
I'm also cooking a meal for our good friends family this week - he lost his mother and so we are taking some food over there every day. I'm going to make a spaghetti bake one night.
If YOU have a meal plan - please share! i'd love to see!
Now on to the life update part!
Life is good. It ain't perfect....but it's good.
First of all, can you BELIEVE how big this girl has gotten?!
Sara is 7 now. Wait, excuse me.
She's SEVEN AND A HALF (even though she just turned 7 in September).
And you better not forget it, either!
She astounds me every day wit her childlike wisdom.
Sometimes I wonder how I produced something like that.
She is an easy child (aside from her sassiness, which I have to admit she gets honest)
and she is a straight-A student.
June is doing well, too.
She is not an easy child.
I still love her. Even when she is throwing herself on the floor
when we're getting ready for something and she doesn't want to wear her outfit.
Sorry chick, you cannot wear your nightgown, tights with horses on them and cowboy boots to school. You have a uniform.
Not that you look crazy or anything....
Mike's good, I'm good.
I'm going to be posting my 6 month transplant update later this week.
I've been having issues with GVHD - so stay tuned for that, especially if you have any advice
or know someone dealing with it.
It's been so warm the past few days in Alabama!
We've been enjoying LOTS of time at the park -
which I'm a fan of, because I can get some reading done -
and it's warm enough for t-shirts, sandals and the best of all -
Does life get any better? :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Menu Plan Monday! 12/8/14

Hey ya'll! How are you doing? I hope everyone is having or had a great Monday.
I had a really lovely day. After I dropped J of at school,
I came home and got some things done before our ladies prayer.
Then, the ladies, some of the husbands and our visiting preacher had lunch together - and also had a blast! I love days like this where unexpected things are so much fun.
Last week I did really, really good with our menu plan.
I cooked everything except one dish, which we ended up having sandwiches that night.
Here's this weeks - and don't forget to head over to Organizing Junkie> to link up!
Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: french toast and apples/bananas
Thursday: sandwiches (we are going out on a church outing)
Friday: beans and Mexican cornbread
Saturday:I have a shopping date with my oldest girl :)
The beans are literally just 1 can of northenrn beans and 1 can of pinto, maybe 1 can of kidney, with some seasonings. Mike's grandma makes it and it is SOOOO good! The Mexican cornbread is just regular cornbread with jalapenos, cheese, whole kernal corn, maybe black beans, etc. thrown in. One of my faves!
Here is the YouTube video I made for this weeks menu plan:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Project Organize Announcement!

Otherwise known as "Get-Rid-of-All-This-Junk-and-Sto=Procrastinating-on-Projects."
I am notorious for procrastination. I will do a million small tasks just to avoid the one 30-minute chore that I have been dreading for weeks. Months? Years, even.
Yes, it's true.
I am not ashamed, either.
Because we all do it. And if you say you don't - you're kidding yourself.
I procrastinate about getting up in the morning.
I procrastinate about cooking supper every night.
About wedding my flower bed. Cleaning the toilets.
Get the picture? :)
So I'm going to stop it all RIGHT NOW and start "Project Organize".
I am not creative and cannot think of a better name!
I will give myself a week to do one area, and starting off is...
(hear the thunder and lightning?)
the garage.
It's awful, and I have chills just thinking about it.
I'm going to start today and let it go through next Sunday, when I will give an update.
I need those extra days, ya'll. Actually, I may need an extra month.
If you would like to join, LEASE do & leave me a link in the comments! You guys don't know how much I love readying the few comments I get. And there's a good chance I may need a lot little encouragement.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oh sweet sunshine, how I miss you....

Did ya'll have a good weekend?
                                 WE DID!!
We had a GREAT weekend, matter of fact!
We were able to go to the Sarasota/Tampa area of Florida to visit my in-laws for a few days and send Thanksgiving with them. We also were able to visit Sea World, downtown Disney, and the beach.
It's the first time we have been there together in a year and a half, so it was time.
And it was really, really, nice.
I took my "big" camera but didn't even use it - but here are the ever-popular cell-hone shots:
Miss Delilah is the sweetest thing. I love that she loves to snuggle in bed!


I really, really, really want to go back here.

The sun was so bright but this is the best I got of the girls.


Sam is Delilah's brother. My MIL rescued them about 8 years ago from a farmer who was going to shoot them. (I think it was a farmer...??) He is HUGE. MASSIVE. GIGANTIC.
With a heart of a lamb. :)

Sara and June at Downtown Disney. We finally made it there after more than a few accidents...

We had lunch at the Rainforest Café. The girls liked it okay - they enjoyed when the animals started acting up. If you're not careful, the gorilla will get you!

Then we headed over to Sea World - we saw a few of the shows & the girls were able to pet the stingrays, see the mama and baby dolphins, and see the sharks.

And this.
This is a tired mama.
One who  cleaned the house, packed the bags, loaded up the truck alone, -picked up the husband at work, rode 9+ hours, sent 5 glorious days with family in the warm sunshine, packed it all up and did it again. One whose house is a wreck and the junk in the truck is 3 foot high.
                                            But it was totally, completely, 100% worth it.
And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.
(But can we wait a few months?)
Just throwing this in - a quick Meal lan Monday video that I put on my YouTube channel.
Didn't get a chance to make the blog post this week, so I'm sharing this way. :)
I hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday - see ya'll tomorrow...
... good Lord willin' & the creek don't rise!