Monday, April 6, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 4.6.15

Oh behalf of mothers everywhere, let me joyfully announce....
This may not apply if you are a mother who works outside of the home. I don't know. But what I do know is that I will be so thankful when the battle of waking at 5:45 each morning, begging the almost-5-year-old girl child to brush her teeth, put her socks on, put her uniform on, put her dirty clothes away, etc. and so forth can end for a few (short - oh so short) weeks.
That said, I'm not really here to analyze summertime.
It's Monday, an that means Menu Plan Monday!
I'm linking up again with Organizing Junkie, so head over and check that out ofr some great inspiration!
Monday: ham steaks, homemade mashed potatoes, lima beans
Tuesday: biscuits and homemade gravy (I'll hare the recipe if it turns out)
Wednesday: sandwiches (easy because we have church)
Thursday: frozen pizza (late doctors appointment)
Friday: fried salmon patties, roasted cabbage and green beans
Saturday: we have two options - if we go out of town to a birthday party, we'll eat there; if we stay home, we'll pick up something to grill
Sunday: spaghetti - easy after church
I hope ya'll have a great Monday!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Menu PLan Monday 3.23.15

Hey ya'll! Today I'm linking up with Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday! This week is a little different because it's spring break for my girls and we are trying to do fun things every day - which means I won't necessarily be cooking dinner at home every night because we may not even be at home, lol.
Monday: eating out at a local restaurant called Elmer's with family. Personally, I'm getting the fried green tomatoes!
Tuesday: we will be at my mama's, and it will be something easy like grilled cheese and carrot/celery sticks and cucumber
Wednesday: red beans and rice with sausage and cornbread
Thursday: Mike and I will eat out - my mom will have the girls (I have an appointment in Atlanta)
Friday:  fried fish (caught by my hubby), cole slaw, hush puppies, roasted zucchini and squash
Saturday: zoo day with family! PIcnic or eating out
Sunday: bbq pork in the crockpot, leftover coleslaw and mac & cheese
I hope ya'll have a great week!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bone Marrow Biopsy Results!

Okay, so today I TYPICALLY would be putting up a "5 on Friday" post that you could link to with a few other bloggers.
But...not today.
Because I'm not typical.
(Did ya'll hear that huge roar of AMENS from my family and friends?!)
No, today I've got some news for ya'll!
Big news - amazing news!

So, picture it.
East central Alabama, 2015.
I'm standing in my kitchen.
I've got spaghetti and meatballs going on the stove,
two little girls singing in the shower, washing their hair,
and my husband is playing the Wii-U, laid out on the couch like a boss.
(Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets the Golden GIrls reference...)
Mike's phone rings.
He answers.
"It's the transplant doctor," he says with a surprised, uneasy look on his face.
Oh, no. Oh no oh no oh no oh no!
I take the phon. My voice is shaking and I'm trying not to cry.
I just know it's not good news.
My BMT doctor has never called me personally before. was good news.
The final report from my last biopsy came in, and this chick is still 100% leukemia free!
After I scolded the doctor for scaring the cotton picking mess out of me
(it's okay - we have that kind of relationship!)
I cried. The tears flowed. But they are happy tears!
13 months cancer-free without chemo

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pinspiration Outfit #5

My Pinspiration for this week was this lovely pink and floral number. I feel like it's so fresh and springy - and I can not WAIT for the warmer weather to get here and stay!
This is my version:


(Sorry for the horrible lighting - it's HARD to take pictures of your own outfit!) 
 And this is the actual Pin:
 Shirt is from the BX (Base Exchange), $18, last month
Skirt is from the BX, $18, last month
Shoes from Goodwill, about $3.99, 2014
I hope ya'll have had a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What's In My Bag?

Hey ya'll!
Have ya'll ever seen those "What's In My Bag" post floating around?
You know - the ones where ladies show you all the deep, dark innards of their handbags?
Well, I'm revealing my innermost craziness today...
...the inside of my purse!
I didn't clean it out beforehand, so there's some...interesting...things in here, I'm sure.
Read on to see what I'm hoarding in there!
First off, here is my purse. It's a Vera Bradley, I don't know what style name, though.
Mike got it for me for Valentine's Day.
I love it! It's very spring-y, very bright and colorful, very ME!
IT has long straps and is the perfect size to throw whatever I need in there, including an iPad and snacks/things for the girls. we go?

We've got another Vera Bradley pouch, my eye glasses case, a pink baseball cap, earbuds, wallet, checkbook, random change purse of June's, pens, coupon fild holder thingy, Marc Jacobs change purse (mine), and random receipts.

In this pouch I typically keep chapstick, hand sanitzer, hand lotion, eye drops, Certs or something similar, earbuds, nail file, nail clippers, etc. I've had this thing since Sara was a baby and I got it on clearance then for $10. I love it!

Marc Jacobs coral-peach colored change purse that I got at thrift store for $.50. Score!
But I don't keep change in it - I Have library cards, random gift cards, etc.
2 checkbooks - blue one is a generic one from the bank, black one is a Coach checkbook that I got a t a thrift store for $1.00.

Lastly is my wallet! This is a cream colored wide-puckered Jessica Simpson wallet.
It's actually my sisters, but we swapped out. :)
I think it is so feminine and pretty, and it holds everything I Need it to!
So - let me know if you have a What's In Your Bag post!
I love to see what ya'll carry in your bags. :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites (with a Linky)

 I'm linking up with Grace and Love this week for a Friday Favorites post! You should head on over and check her out - she's amazing - and let me know if you link up! I'd love to read what your Friday Favorites are. :)

#1: I've been enjoying June's sweet artwork she's been bringing home.
Her little hands printed on paper - that will be something I treasure forever.
And she says she's ready for summer, because she can swim in the pool!
(Mama's ready, too!)
#2: Something else I've been enjoying this week is the beautiful sunshine that decided to appear.
For us, sunshine means lots and lots of play time outside (aka no one feels cooped up and there are not so many negative attitude moments!). I enjoyed a piece of said sunshine the other day for a full hour on my back porch, just relaxing and thinking.
Maybe I'll get rid of some of this pasty white skin in the process...
#3: This week, I have started back walking as many days a week as I can. I was not able to go Monday and Wednesday due to infusions, but Tuesday and Thursday both provided opportunity for nice, 1-2 mile walks that I thoroughly enjoyed. And sweated through.
#4: So as you can guess, with the return of exercise I have also been making more conscious choices of what I put in my body. We've always eaten a fairly healthy diet, but I am definitely more aware of the fact that we need to clean it up a little. Not going vegan or vegetarian or crazy here, but just the little htings. Number one is way less eating out! And so far, that's been successful. :)
#5: Board games really are the best, aren't they? We have enjoyed Candyland multiple times this week. We'll bring out some more this weekend, I have no doubt. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Went Away Full, and Came Back Empty.

Have you ever felt like you have lost so much from a certain event in your life?
To the outside peering in, you had it all, but yet you felt you  still didn't have enough?
Still didn't have inner happiness?
 It was always seemingly just out of reach.
Your arms were continuously outstretched, hands displayed, trying with all that was within you to reach the ever-unattainable goal. And while you were striving to reach what you THOUGHT was your mark, you were actually sliding backwards. Further and further away you slipped, until  said goal was only but a small, distant memory and a glimmer on the horizon.
I came in full, but He brought me out empty.
A few years ago, that was me. How did I overcome? How did I find the inner happiness I was so avidly searching for?
God blessed me with leukemia.
Yes, I said God. And yes, I said blessed. And I said it brought me inner happiness and peace.
Because when God gave me leukemia, I found God.
For many years, I ran from God.  Then, for many years, I altered what Ithe Bible said to fit what I wanted to do and how I wanted to live at that time. I found a church that practiced these same "beliefs" and "standards" so that I could essentially do what I wanted to.
You can't do that. That's not Biblical. And I believe it's playing God.
The Bible is not open for debate or up for negotiation.
You can't pick and choose what you want to believe in or obey.
It will catch up to you, I promise.
It's black and white. Sin is sin.
However, that doesn't give us the right - as Christians and humans - to judge.
I find it ironic how folks always say, "God is love! God is love!"
Yes - He is. He is love. But He's also just.
He is the only Judge that will ever matter.
I'll stand firm in my beliefs and convictions, whether that be doctrine or personal.
That weeping, sad, urgent voice of someone I I love dearly, who was desperately seeking God on behalf of my lvery life,  filtered through my coma-laden brain and because of it...and because of God's never-ending mercy and grace...
I found God, and I am full.
Ruth 1:23
"I went out full, and the Lord has brought me home again empty."