Tuesday, September 20, 2011

day in the life: tuesday (and outside fall decor)

Before I even tell you what went on with our day, I'm going to ask for thoughts & prayers again. Someone special in our lives is very sick and I hate to see our loved ones hurting. But we know that our God is a God who heals and takes away sickness -- we have faith!

Our day started like this:

Sorry for the blur...it wasn't like she was screaming or anything.

June Claire is teething. And that means June Claire is not a happy child right now. Honestly, she screamed like this most of the day. Even with doses of Motrin, she still screamed. It's safe to say I had a raging, exhausted small headache by the time her daddy got home.

We got up & ate breakfast. This morning they both chose cereal and bananas. Lucky me -- that meant I was able to get dressed in peace since June can eat cereal on her own. Then the girls got dressed & we headed outside. It was wonderfully cool here today, so I turned off the A/C and threw open the windows & doors. They played while I spray painted a few projects and planted some flowers. Our flowerbed is HUGE and in desperate need of a biiiiig weeding, but I can only do so much each day or my back will give out again. I can tell after the past few days that it is about to go, so I will be taking it easy for a little while. It'll get weeded one day. :) Anyway, here is what my front door looks like, all decorated for fall:

I LOVE this little pumpkin thing! It's actually pretty large & is made out of a wrought iron type material. It's early to have something like this out, but I liked it so much I couldn't help it. I can't wait to stick a candle in it come October 1!

A shot with my little scarecrow people.

Fresh flowers that I planted last night...
I'm going to get more mums to fill it out, I think. It's kind of skimpy!

My front door desperately needs a new coat of paint. I'm thinking we're going with red, but I don't know how it will look with our brick. I kind of want a yellow door....suggestions, please!

After spending the morning outside, we came back in for lunch. Today we had grilled cheese & carrots & hummus. Well, they did. I made a moss-covered monogram, wrapped up another little decorating project, and washed a load of clothes & got them hung out on the line while the girls ate. June took a WONDERFUL 3 hour nap and I got SO much accomplished! Our living room and dining room were wrecked because we had gotten a new rug and were trying different furniture placements to see what worked best. We ended up going with almost exactly the original placement. ;) But I took that opportunity to redecorate it all, and I love the way it turned out! I will post pictures of that tomorrow.

When June Claire woke from her nap, Sara went in there to talk to her until I could get in there and a couple minutes later -- this is what I found:

Sara's pretending she's asleep. :) Honestly, they were so happy in there that I took that time to sweep & dust mop my living room & dining room floors. 
Hey, gotta take the opportunity when it smacks me in the face!

After I finished that, June pretty much fell apart and we spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch having some cuddle time. I think she cried for about 3 hours straight. :( Daddy came home & gave me a break while I cooked supper (lemon tilapia, brown rice & steamed veggies), then he bathed them & we got them down to bed right at 7. She was exhausted & was out within just a few minutes.

That's our Tuesday! I hope I'm not boring ya'll to death with this, haha. I just think it will be neat to look back when the girls are much older & remember what our days were like. I hope ya'll had a great day -- see ya'll tomorrow with pics of my fall decor inside!

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