Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oh, do you know the muffin man?

Hey ya'll!
So I told a fib last week.
I wasn't back Friday like I said I would be.
But life happens and the interwebs takes a backseat sometimes.
Hoowever....I discovered today that my cancer center
has WiFi and so I will be blogging much more soon!

I finally made myself upload all 600+ pictures
from my camera today.
It was ridiculous.
I found these gems though.
Taken back in October 2011,
about a month before I went in the hospital.

Look at my little baby Junebug!
I can't believe how much they have grown since.
I missed SO much those three months I was in the hospital.

In other news, I started back to chemo today.
I forget how draining it is.
After chemo, my coousin & I had lunch at Mimi's.
I love Mimi's.
I got these yummy muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning:

The left is lemon poppyseed and the right is buttermilk spice.
Except they are not making it until the morning, haha.
My nephew has already ate some of each....
and Mr. I-only-like-chicken-fingers-and-ketchup-and-fries
 has no clue they're not a dessert.
I'm not telling!

I got this super cute contact case at Kirklands.
The doctor recently cleared me to wear contacts again
and I really needed a case...I couldn't resisit this one!
I went in there for home decor but ended up getting this instead.
I can't decorate my own home right now and it's driving me nuts.
I told my mom her house is about to get a makeover!

I hope ya'llhad a great Tuesday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

summer reading party & finding healthy again!

We have been having lots of fun the past week!
We had the end-of-the-summer
readig program  party at the library:

 (That super cute big man in the blue & white
 is my cousin, Haedon!)

 Sara did such a good job sitting so still
until they called her name for her award!

Right before I got sick, I had gotten on a good kick of eating healthy, exercisng, and was feeling REALLY great about myself. I think I am to the point now where I've adjusted to my new life and am going to start getting back into everything. Cooking healthier meals, more water, and getting bac to "exercising". I use that term looselybecause, let's face it -- I can't do much. But everyone has to start somewhere, right? I miss my evening walks with my girls and doing exercise videos together. Watching them try to exercise is hilarious!

One blog I love reading is Mama Laughlin.
She's hilarious, she's gorgeous, and she has lost a LOT of weight
by eating healthy and working out....
without going to a fancy gym and buying fancy foods.
Because, I'll be honest with you --
I'll give up my fave foods for a while to get back to where I need to be,
but I ain't giving them up forever!
I AM from Alabama, honey!

I have a few things I want to write about...
including a picture of me, current da.
Short hair & all.
Because if Anne Hathaway can do it,
so can I.

I PROMISE I'll be back shortly this time.
Like, tomorrow.
I really do promise!

 Miss June Claire passed out...
when she finally gets still for 5 seconds,
she's out!

Monday, July 16, 2012

doctors, good news, and cute pictures

Hey ya'll! I hope ya'll had a great weekend. We stayed around home all day Saturday, did a bunch of yard work & then cooked supper with my uncle & his family. Sunday we had a visiting preacher at church, and that's always nice. I enjoyed his sermon and I sure enjoy his wife to pieces. She is so friendly and genuinely sweet! They have five children and they are so well behaved. They make my two look like heathens (just kidding!) but in all honesty, they're good people.

Today I had a eye appointment, but before we left out this morning I managed to get a couple of shots of the girls:

I LOVE this one!

 Junebug showing off her new shoes (they are too cute!)

At my eye appointment, we got some really great news -- the doctor noticed that my optic nerve was very swollen during surgery, so we had an MRI (everything was okay) and then he spoke with my oncologist and they come to the conclusion that they felt it was a side effect of the chemo that I'm on. What happens is that it makes my vision blurry right in the center and I can't really see very clearly. Unfortunately, it can be permanent. Last week my oncologist started consolidating my chemo pills, and by today's visit it seems to be working! Most of the swelling is gone, so he cut that medication in half as well. I'm SO thrilled. I've been noticing that I can see a little better over the past couple of days. I even ws able toread my Bible yesterday along with the sermon -- holding it up close in front of my face, but hey -- I'll take what I can get!

After my eye appointment, we decided to swing by our old house and kind of start to go through things. When I went into the hospital, it was very sudden. I went to a hospital two hours in one direction and my girls went to my hometown which was an hour in the other direction. Then we had someone staying in our home for a short period of time, but for the past month it's been left alone.

It. Was. Terrible.

FIrst of all, it was hard to go back to something I'd left 8 months before and it not feel like home. I walked in and saw June's high chair in the dining room and started bawling. I left a chubby 18 month old and came home to a definitely little girl who walked and talked like she'd been doing it all her life. For the most part, things were still pretty much how I'd left them. That was kind of hard. But we'll get in there and make it ours again....it will just take time.

My front entrance....just the way I left it on November 21. Except the flowers were alive and the wreath matched the fall season....

I hope ya'll had a great Monday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

library, park, and one tired mama!

I know, I know. It's been a couple weeks since I bloged last. It's just hard to get back in the swing of things. And honestly, I just about refuse to get online when my children are up. By the time they go to bed, I'm so tired and stiff (because of the paralysis) that I don't want to sit up.

Anyway! We've been having a great time lately. I wrapped up ta month of chemo two weeks ago tomorrow, so I still have two weeks left. I have really enjoyed being able to spend time with the girls at home and not having to rush every day. I had a checkup with my oncologist in Atlanta on Monday and everything is GREAT! She is cutting back my chemo pills. All my blood counts are great. I jus take it one day at a time and try not to think about the future. I can't enjoy the future anyway....I can only enjoy today.

So today we stayed around the house this morning & into the early afternoon. Then we headed to our local library for story time at 2. (HUGE thanks to my cousins for hauling us there!)

 When did it get so hard to get a good picture
of two little girls at the same time?!

I thought this was too cute with Sara's arm around June Claire,
but obviously JC did not share the same sentiment!

I enjoyed some play time with Mr. Owen Adler while the girls were listening to the story. Until he wanted his mama.And what baby wants, baby gers!

After the library, we got ice cream & headed over to the park to let the girls get some energy out. By the time we actually made it home, this mama was very tired! This evening has been quite boring -- I made baked ziti for supper (awesome & so easy!) and we watched the Facts of Life pretty much all evening. Because we're awesome  like that!

Hope ya'll had a great Wednesday!