Monday, September 26, 2011

day in the life: friday, saturday and sunday

I was SO busy Friday! We woke up around 7:30 or so, I put the girls at the table with yogurt and pears, and started switching bedrooms. I moved a full size headboard & footboard, mattress set, real wood HEAVY dresser, and bookcase all by myself! Ya'll may be what?! But if you know me, you'd know this is a big deal! For one, I always underestimate what I can do. But with a new job possibility for Michael that means he will be gone a year at a time -- I've decided to just suck it up & do it until I really can't do anymore. So. I moved all the furniture from the girls old bedroom to their new bedroom. Then shampooed the carpets. Then decorated. Then moved the chest of drawers from the old bedroom to the new playroom. I am SO happy to have two functioning rooms again instead of one junk room & one bedroom. It's so nice! The girls love having a room solely for their toys, and cleanup before bed last night was so easy! Sara has really been stepping up lately & cleaning up on her own. I guess the past 4 years of drilling into her that we clean up before meals & before bed is starting to take effect. I'm loving it!
We hung out the rest of the evening, played inside & outside, then went to bed around 9.

Anyway, without further are some pictures of the girls newly decorated bedroom.

The bed was given to us a few weeks after we got married, when we lived in England. Originally, it was a four poster bed with a floral design on the headboard, but we removed the posters and painted it all a creamy white. We added finials that we purchased from Home Depot to finish the look. The bedding is from Target -- when we first bought it, we thought Sara was going to be in a twin bed. After we decided to keep the full, I just kept the bedding & worked with it.
The dresser belonged to my older sister 30 years ago! Her daughter used it for about 5 years, then they passed it on to us. It was a Christmas-y green color, but I painted it the same creamy white as the bed. We changed out the handles but I hate them, so I'll be replacing them soon.

Yes, I know the picture above the bed does not match the decor at all.
It was in my husbands room when he was tiny & then in his grandparents home.
His grandfather passed away last January, so it's just a way of remembering him.

Meet Benjamin! This little bear is very special to me. When Michael & I were dating in the summer of 2005, we took a little trip down to Devon, England (the beach).  He bought me this little bear as a surprise and I have held on to it ever since. I love it!


Saturday I set my alarm for 6:00.
Yes, I know I'm crazy. But I had tons of cleaning to do!
This greeted me when I stumbled walked into the living room:

Such a spoiled baby he is. Please note: that pillow does not belong on the couch. I have no idea how he got it up belongs on the chair so I'm guessing Homer moved it? It's his favorite pillow.
I told ya'll he was spoiled!

Then I had myself a few of these:

 Then got started on my to-do list. Somehow, with Michael's help, I finished everything before our neighbors arrived that evening. We grilled pork chops, ribs, & boudin, and I made lima beans, greens, & mashed potatoes to go with it. We all made s'mores over the fire for dessert.
Of course, we watched the Alabama vs. Arkansas game (ROLL TIDE!! That's the way to do it!)
and the Gators game. We had so much fun!


Sunday morning we went to church. I meant to get pictures of us before we headed out, but didn't manage to make it happen. The rest of the day Sunday we relaxed...played, watched ball games, etc. We had leftovers from the cookout & just had a good old time doing absolutely nothing!

Here are some random pictures from over the weekend:
 Daddy watching TV... replays of the Auburn game I think?

 CJ haaates having his picture taken, so he resorted to looking like a doofus while I took it. 
TOLD YA I'd put it on here, CJ! TOLD YA!

Daddy & Allie (my youngest sister)

Kayla (another sister) & June.
June just loves her Aunt Kayla to rock her to sleep!

 Told ya'll he was spoiled!

I walked into the living room last night after laying June down & found this. 
Doesn't get much sweeter!

I hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend!
We sure did!

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