Thursday, September 15, 2011

the devil dog

Let me just recap the past 24 hours for you.

We spent a few days in my hometown with my little sister and dad. Our last night there, I put the girls in the bath. Got to talking to Allie (my sister) and when I turned around, I realized June had pooped in the tub.  GROSS! Got both girls out and put them on the rug with their towels. Turned around to (gag) unclog the bathtub (by the way -- wet paper towels offer very little barrier to things, especially of the disgusting variety), heard splashing. My heart sank. Turned around, and yep -- Miss June was happily splashing away in the toilet. That her sister had just peed in.

Finally got the bathtub Cloroxed, got them showered (which they screamed through), and got them in bed. I was exhausted out of my mind a little tired, so I went to bed with them. 
At, like, 8:30.

Yesterday, we drove home. I decided to stop at Winn-Dixie and grab milk & dog food, both of which we desperately needed at the house. This meant the dogs would be with me, in the car -- but I didn't figure that was such a horrible thing, because it was just going to be a quick trip.


Houdini, the crazy devil dog sweet dog that is otherwise known as Delaney, jumped out of the car. IN THE WINN DIXIE PARKING LOT. If you know us, you know that Laney will NOT come back for love or money once she is out, running free. That dog is like a rebellious child, carefree, letting the wind whip through her hair, while everyone runs screaming behind her like wild banshees. She figures out how to unlock EVERYTHING so she can get outside with no leash. We can not trust her AT ALL. 
So, here we are, Winn-Dixie parking lot on a VERY busy main highway at 4:30 pm. 

Picture this:
Me, a somewhat-young mama with messy hair in a ponytail, looking frazzled as all get out. I have one toddler on my hip who is screaming because everyone else is screaming. I have one 3 year old who is screaming, with tears running down her face, that her precious and beloved Laney is going to get run over or snatched. Honestly, at this point -- I would've GIVEN her away. We run all over the parking lot calling that dog and by the time I ran a circle around the parking lot, I lost sight of her. Gave up, came back to the car, and.....

She was sitting so prettily beside the back door waiting on us.

Trust me, she only LOOKS sweet!

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HappyascanB said...

Oh my!!!!! That was enough to make anyone frazzled! Molly also cries when others are crying or upset! The ladies in the nirsery at chirch say she is a sympathy crier. I guess June is, too! Hope you are feeling better!