Saturday, September 24, 2011

prayers needed for a soldier -- PLEASE!

Erica, Brooklyn, Jackson, and Jeremy

One of the first friends I met here at Fort Benning was Erica. At the time, she was an Army wife & mama to Jackson, who wasn't even two years old yet. 

Since then, the Army has moved them to New York, they've added a second child, Brooklyn, and her husband was recently deployed.

Last Tuesday, Erica got a phone call saying that Jeremy had been injured and was in critical condition. To make a long story short, a gunshot went through his forearm, into his abdomen and damaged his kidney enough that it had to be removed. There was also damage to his liver. He was flown to Germany on Thursday and is now waiting to become stable enough to fly to Washington DC. 

However. Jeremy has developed what the doctors suspect is pneumonia and sepsis.
This could delay his travel to DC and hinder his recovery.

These BDUs are specifically for deployment.
I get a sick feeling in my stomach every single time I see them.

I am asking you to PLEASE pray for healing for Jeremy. To be wounded in war is one thing -- but this is the third time Jeremy has been injured. He even has a Purple Heart. Please pray for him and for peace and comfort for Erica as she waits for her husband to come home. Pray even for little things, like that the children are calm, that they don't try her nerves, that someone brings her supper, that someone offers to cut her grass, etc. 
What can seem SO small can sometimes be SO big.

It hit you without any warning, the storm of your life had begun.
Seeing no hope in the distance, you're frightened with nowhere to run.
You cried out for help from the Savior
You know that you can't give up now
Because you've prayed all night
You've held on with all of your might
Child, your cries have awoken the Master

Praying for the Simon family.