Thursday, May 2, 2013

IG lines and Trader Joe's

I hope ya'll are having a great Thursday!
I went back to the Hemapharesis clinic today to have my IG line taken out and just get a once-over to make sure everything was going well and I could go home.
Everything is great! We were shooting for 4-5 million cells & we got 5.1!
I'm so thankful. My platelets are still low (a combination of my chemo and the Neupegen shot I was taking to boost stem cells) so I got an infusion (which my body didn't really take in) and then went back to the clinic to have my IG line taken out.
I really work myself up over stuff like that and I had convinced myself it would go haywire, blood would be shooting out all over the bed, floor, nurse and myself...but that was not the case.
She removed the tape (ouch!), cleaned me up, snipped the stitches (bigger ouch!) and had me hum while she pulled the line (didn't even hurt -- barely felt it and it literally took 2 seconds!).
Put pressure to the wound site for 30 minutes (due to low platelets) and then applied a pressure dressing which I will take off in 48 hours.
My neck feels soooo much better. It didn't hurt to have the tube in, but it was just awkward and uncomfortable. I'm glad it's out.
What it looks like when you have an IG line taken out and have a pressure dressing on.
What? You didn't know this was Europe's latest fashion? :)
After we left the hospital, we made a trip to Trader Joe's because I'd seen several here in Atlanta and I've always wanted to go to one.
I was not disappointed.
I could stay in there for hours, I think. I'm funny like that in a grocery store, especially one geared towards healthy eating -- everything is just so neat.
I picked up a few things for the house and supper for tonight.
We're having peppercorn chicken, basmati rice, and salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and asian sesame dressing, by the way. :)
I hope you have had a wonderful Thursday & I hope your Friday is better!
Are you ready for the weekend, baby?! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

give me those stem cells, baby!

Well, this week we collected stem cells for my stem cell transplant.
Yes, this means my bone marrow biopsy showed I am leukemia-free. :)
Using your own cells in a trnasplant is tremendously easier and less risky than using a donors.
I am very, very thankful that I can use my own!
Monday morning we went to Radiology bright & early,
where I was to have a chest line (catheter) placed.
My platelets were too low for that, so I had a temporary IJ line placed instead.
Without sedation.
It wasn't completely pain-free, but it wasn't awful, either.
They couldn't begin my stem cell collection then because of my low platelets,
so I went for platelets & blood.
We got home around 8 that night.
I made asian sesame salmon (sooo yummy!), fresh cucumbers & tomatoes, & potato salad.
I was going to do quinoa salad, but....ya'll, that stuff is not good.
Maybe it's because the deli didn't make it right, but I don't know.
I wanted so bad to like it - but we just don't. :(
If you have any ideas on how to fix it at home, let me know!
Tuesday was much easier. Again, we were at the hospital from 7-6,
but the stem cell collection went great -- you need about .2.5 million cells for transplant,
but the doctors like 4-5 million to be on the safe side.
I got 3 million! Yay!
By the way: stem cells look like tomato gravy.
I may never be able to eat tomato gravy again!
Platelets were still low, so we went and got another round of them and some antibiotics as well.
Last night we got home so late that we just had whatever we could throw together.
Michael had cereal, I had a pre-made salad from Publix. They are really good!
Today we finished up stem cells & got more platelets.
We got back to the Hope Lodge at 5 pm.
I'm pretty whooped today, so I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the night.
I don't have to worry about supper because an organization is cooking here tonight.
I hope you are all doing well! I will be back soon!