Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day in the life: wednesday

Edited because I still need for ya'll to pray on my special prayer request. I hope that I can tell you soon what's going on, but just know that it is a VERY special request. This person is very dear to us, very sick, and very in need of a healing like I know that God we serve is capable of! Also -- one of my good friends, Erica, got the dreaded phone call a couple of days ago that brought the news that her husband had been injured while deployed. I'm not sure where he was exactly, but he was shot in the abdomen. He ended up having to have one of his kidneys removed and the last I heard (yesterday) was that he was sedated and awaiting transfer to Germany. From there they will fly him back to the States. His wife and two small children (Jackson and Brooklyn) are stationed in New York. And their family is in Kansas. ALL the thoughts and prayers you could spare would be greatly appreciated by this Godly family! This man already has one Purple Heart, if I'm not mistaken. Let's pray this soldier comes home soon and will be completely healthy again soon!

Happy Wednesday, ya'll! 

Last night was a rough one around here. Both girls were up a few times & ended up in our bed (after two or three nights of sleeping through the night in their bed!), which makes for some very uncomfortable & fitful sleep. Around 4:30 Homer (the not-so-sweet 5 month old lab/hound dog mix we adopted a couple months ago) woke me up by barking very, VERY loudly in my ear. I guess he really had to go potty! 

We finally got up for the day around 7 or so. The girls chose oatmeal for breakfast, and this meant June ended up needing a bath before we ever even left the house. That girl is independent as the Fourth of July & she will NOT let you feed her. She has to feed herself! Took Michael to work, then came home. Played for a little while. The girls LOVE to read books, so that's what we pretty much did the rest of the morning. They had pb&j's with pears for lunch. 
Mmmm...I love pears!

I finally got them down for a nap around 1:00. I took that quiet time and paid some bills, cleared my e-mail inbox out (900+ messages....ridiculous!), did some other work online & before I knew it, it was time to wake them up & get them ready because June had speech therapy at 3:30. 
Let it be known that I LOVE the center that she goes to for all her therapies. I love the girls that work there. I love how they love June and they really communicate and connect with her so well.
But (there's always a but, isn't there?) -- I just don't feel like June connects very well with her speech therapist. She's new, she & I had a rocky start, and June WILL. NOT. talk with her. Not even make any sounds at all. But she babbles 24/7 at home & with the other therapists. If she doesn't start improving in the next couple of weeks, I think we're going to have to consider another option. I hate, hate, haaaaaaate decisions like this! I wish someone could just make the perfect decisions for me. 

After speech was over, we drove to post & picked Michael up. We had to drop by the Commissary on the way out to pick up a few things, and holy goodness -- 
I will NEVER go there at 5 pm on a weekday again! 
It took us 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot and I am NOT joking!

When we got home, the neighbors were all sitting outside & we joined them for a little while. I came on in and made supper -- chicken tikka masala with white rice for Michael & I, and grilled cheese and ravioli for the girls. They SCARFED their food down. I usually don't make two meals, but I really had been craving some good Indian food & it was just too spicy for the little ones. I am of the mind that I'm a mother & a wife, NOT a short order cook! My nephew HATES when I say that (he is as picky as they come!)

I bathed the girls and then we went back out to visit some more. Let me just tell ya'll, I ADORE our neighborhood. We are a small subdivision that is only 4 years old, and there are a LOT of undeveloped lots out here. Out of 28ish lots, only 9 lots have homes. And we are all military! I love it. Lots of support that way. There are many children and they all kind of just congregate outside in the driveways and play until the sun goes down. Right now we are the "cool" parents because our kids just got a trampoline (major thanks to Scott & Julie for gifting it to us, and to Steve for bringing it up here!) and they think that is just the most awesome thing in the whole wide world! be a kid again!

The night ended with Michael trying to put the kids to bed while I cleaned most of the kitchen. He couldn't get them down, so I took over & when I came out, he had finished the kitchen, mopped the floor, cleaned the highchair & kitchen table, AND made sweet tea! Fellas, that is most definitely the clearest way straight to a womans heart. Think I'm joking? Do something small like that around your home & see how good of a mood it puts your wife in!

This picture has absolutely NOTHING to do with what we did today, but I found it on a picture CD & I love it. This is my Uncle Sonny (that just had the 65th birthday -- I blogged about that) & his granddaughter, Tiffany. This is the sweetest thing ever!

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