Saturday, September 17, 2011

old friends & busy hands

Last night the girls & I went to be in service at a campmeeting in the church I grew up in. I haven't been back there for church in about 7 or so years I think -- I know I haven't been back since I got married nearly 6 years ago. It was WONDERFUL! Bro. Glenn Vollrath preached. The Vollraths/Preskitts have a deep history in that little church there. Glenn's wife is Ruth, and her parents pastored there for about 16 years, I believe. Almost all of her growing up time. Her mother taught Sunday School and Kindergarden to myself & most of the other children there, and her father was Principal over the church school & a wonderful, wonderful man. I remember many times praying in the altar and them coming to kneel and pray beside me. I remember Bro. Preskitt would lay hands on us and press our faces sooo hard into the altar that we would just about break our noses. Haha...good times! Anywho -- I got to visit with friends I haven't seen in YEARS, and I am so happy to report that no one has changed a bit. It was like we just saw each other yesterday! Heard a good message preached about keeping your standard and experiences current so that we can pass them along to our children. Our children don't need to know the "experiences of yesterday", they need to know the experiences of TODAY! Watched a dear, sweet friend of mine get a good blessing from the Lord, and she testified & it touched my heart. Love it! We stayed so late visiting after church that we didn't ge home and in the bed til about 12:30. My girls slept til 8:45 this morning, which is really 9:45 our time at home (we're at my mom's). That's unheard of!

Couldn't get any pictures of miss June, but I did get these of Sara before we left. I had put curlers in her hair early yesterday morning & took them out just before we left for church. The curl had just about fell out within 30 minutes. She just has bone straight hair I guess, I hate that for her! June Claire was all over the place. Someone asked me if she was busy and I thought that is such a good way to describe it! Last night she did probably the best she's ever done in church. I didn't have to break out the Cheerios til altar call, haha, and that's good for us!

Today we don't have a whole lot to do. I have to head home in a couple hours so we can get everything cleaned up because...
 Daddy is coming home tonight!!
Sara is soooo excited! I have to go pick him up this evening & she can NOT wait!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Saturday!


HappyascanB said...

Her hair looks so pretty! Love the curls! And yay for Daddy coming home!!

- dls - said...

it was sooo very good to see you and your precious, adorable girls! =)