Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm still alive -- and still counting calories!

Okay, that last part isn't true. But I'm calorie counting started T O D A Y! I'm nursing, which gives me a ridiculous amount of something like 41 points per day at WW -- and I can't eat that much! That's crazy to me. I eat ENOUGH, though. Trust me. You can look at me & tell I clearly eat enough.

Life's been busy lately. I've discovered Lost on Netflix -- not sure why I never got into that before! It's a captivating show. I've been getting a lot of cleaning done. Spending a lot of quality time with the girls. What I have NOT been doing is exercising.


That ends today. I'm about to start implementing a strict schedule of supper at 6:00, then I leave for a walk at 6:45. I will throw J in the sling and just GO. I am making myself start at 45 minutes for the first week, and then go up to an hour. I have already decided that when income tax time rolls around (I love that time of year!) I am getting a gym quality treadmill or elliptical (opinions, anyone?) and the exercise bike that my mom NEVER uses and those bad boys are going in my garage. We don't park our cars in the garage, so M can have half the garage for his "man cave" and I will take the other half for my sewing/scrapbooking & for the exercise equipment. Throw a TV up and I'm good to go! Can we say....ALONE TIME??

I know there are no pictures on here, but I do have some super cute ones I am going to upload tonight & post tomorrow. Don't kill me yet. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 2 of "Operation Find Skinny Girl"

It went pretty well today. I got in more water than I did yesterday. Still no exercise...blah. I love exercising, but it seems like I can't find time for it. I know, I know....people say, "MAKE TIME!"
Those people definitely don't have high need babies.
I actually am in the process of cancelling my gym membership. I LOVE the gym. I hate getting up and going, but once I'm there, I'm a big fan. But a) we need the extra $50/month now that we have a car payment (negative equity SUCKS) and b) It takes 20 minutes to drive each way there....and June refuses to be sit down for any amount of time, thus making it hard to watch both girls at the same time -- ESPECIALLY at bed time, when J refuses to fall asleep without my boobs. And really? I have no desire to be working out at midnight, folks. And putting J in the daycare there is NOT an option. So I said all that to say this -- I think I will pull out the 30 Day Shred DVD tonight. I'm contemplating posting pictures as the weeks roll on -- clothed, of course. I don't want to scare ya'll off!
In other news, Sara had her third week of Mother's Day Out this week. She always says, "I don't wanna go to school!" but she has a blast once she's there. I LOVE that it's a church program. She came home singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" today. That kind of stuff just tickles me pink! June had therapy today and she's doing well. The therapist (Victoria....love her!) says that June doesn't seem to have any tightness in her arms or legs...which is awesome news! We are still awaiting the results from her ultrasound she had on Monday. I called the doctors office today but never got a call back. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that means there is no bad news.
I have one girl beside me who is falling asleep and one girl laying on my chest who is falling asleep....and a kitchen full of dirty dishes I need to take care of....and a couch full of laundry to put away...and a laundry room overflowing with dirty laundry....and floors that need to be picked up...and a workout to kick butt on. Where's that maid when I need her!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Putting This Out There

I am soooo tired of being fat! I've started (and stopped, shortly thereafter) Weight Watchers/working out/eating healthier MANY times recently. I am DONE. I'm putting it ALL out there....weight NUMBERS (GASP!) and all....so that I will be so embarrassed by them that I WILL make a change. Sort of an accountability, if you will.

Okay. Don't faint & fall out. I'm too fat to pick you up off the floor!

My heaviest ever was 219, when I delivered Sara in September 2007.
My lowest ever was 152, in the summer of 2006.
I was 212 when I got pregnant with June, and 215 when I delivered.
My current weight is 203.5.
My goal is 140.
That means I am 11.5 pounds down and have 63.5 pounds to go.
Oh, I'm currently a loose 18, tight 16.

I'd appreciate any healthy or WW friendly recipes you love! I will be doing this without access to the gym -- except for the occasional Friday night/weekend trip to the gym on post, where it's free. I am armed with a yoga DVD, a pilates DVD, and the 30 Day Shred DVD. And a road where I can walk.

I am ONLY cooking WW recipes or healthy versions of old favorites. I want this to be a total makeover of how we eat. I don't want my girls growing up thinking a Coke and a PopTart for breakfast is okay!

Wish me luck!

4 Months

June Claire,
you are FOUR MONTHS old now!
Time has surely flown by.

At four months, you are:
-- About 7.5 pounds and 20 inches
-- In a size NB diaper
-- In NB and sometimes 0-3 month clothes
-- You still haven't worn shoes yet, so I don't know what size your feet are!
-- You still love to nurse. Pretty much all day. You are a boob girl, for sure.
-- You cry. A lot. But that's okay (most days) because I'm just happy you're home with us.
-- You love your sister, and she loves you right back. She tries to sing to you and you just don't want anything to do with it. You scream until I pop a boob in your mouth!
-- You roll over every once in a while, from back to belly. You're starting to focus on us when we hold you and talk to you! You have amazing neck control, you surprised us with that one!
-- Your OT, Victoria, says you're catching up great. Your adjusted age is about 5 weeks old.

I can't believe June has been with us for four months. I never thought for once we'd be here today. I am sooo thankful for God and all He has done for us! He can truly take what seems to be a pit of despair and turn it into pure joy, if you just let Him!

We love you Junebug, and we can't wait to celebrate many more months with you!

P.S. Sorry for the bad pic -- it was taken on my phone in a rush to go to the doctors office.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sicker Than Sick

April 2010 -- Sara making her "mean girl face".

We are sicker than sick in this house. All 4 of us have colds. I took June to the doctor day before yesterday because I'm paranoid like that. Thankfully, it's not in her lungs and all will be well soon. Sara's cold is gone. But mine & Michaels still is lingering around....lucky us! Hopefully it will be gone soon. I also have double mastitis....FUN STUFF...let me tell ya! I think I've almost kicked that to the curb, though. The Z-pack doesn't play! :)

Not a lot going on this week -- I've just been trying to play catch-up in the house. I've gotten the kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway completely done (read: spotless and spring cleaned!) and most of Sara's room. Yesterday while she was at school, I decorated a LOT in there. If I do it when she's here she just gets into everything. I still have to order the vinyl phrase for above her bed and resand, repaint, and replace the knobs on her dresser. And find a frame for some artwork she made. And hang the letters to her name. Okay, maybe I'm not as finished with it as I thought I was...

Today I am tackling bathrooms and laundry. My life is just so exciting! I must get as much done as possible, because tomorrow morning we are going on a little mini trip! We're dropping the dogs off to my sister for the night, and we're heading down to south AL to see Blake Shelton in concert. My cousin Britni (Hadlei's mama) and HER mama, "Aunt Tammy" as Sara calls her (which really comes out like "Ain't Tammeh"...I love my girl and her southern accent! will be going with us. I'm so excited to get away for just a night and really spend some time with Britni. What's even MORE exciting is that it's me & my mama, and Britni & HER mama going to the concert! I just know good times are coming. :) Michael is such a sa-weet fella that he's going to watch the girls in the hotel room so I don't have to leave them behind. We should get there about 3 PM on Saturday...the concert doesn't start until 9 PM....I forsee a LOT of pool time in our forecast for that day!

(Thanks to Elizabeth & Kyle for watching their fur niece and nephew!)

Speaking of traveling, we have a hotel booked in Charleston for 3 nights in October. Has anyone ever been? This is an incredibly low-budget trip....we did one of those deals with the timeshares earlier this year, before June was born, because we really just want the cruise next year. But in order to get the cruise, we have to do the hotel stay. Probably not the smartest decision we've ever made....but hey! Ya live & learn. Right? So anyway, the hotel is paid for and we're just looking for some fun stuff to do during the day and maybe a couple good restaurants at night. I hate that it's going to be October, because otherwise I would say we'd just stay in the pool. But on the other hand, October in Charleston will be lovely, I think!

I will see ya'll lovelies again Sunday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day

Sara's first day of "school" was last Thursday, August 12. It's really just a Mother's Day Out program at the Baptist church down the road, but we LOVE it there. She had such a good time! She was so excited to go, right up until we walked in and I said goodbye. Then she FELL APART. She was clinging to me with a death grip like I've never felt before! But, we got out of there quickly and they said she calmed down shortly thereafter. Right now it's just one day a week, but when the second day opens up we'll take that slot. It does her good -- and me, too, because I schedule June's OT for that day so I don't have to juggle a bored Sara getting into every thing at their office!

Life is extremely busy still. I just told my mom this evening that I felt like if I could be all alone (read: no kids & no husband!) here for about 4 hours....I could get everything completely done. As it is, I can't keep up every day. I can barely do regular upkeep, much less try to clean everything else. So, a wreck my house will stay until I can catch up.

We are sickies in the house this week. All 4 of us have this nasty cold, and I have double mastitis, which thankfully is on the mend!

That's it for tonight....this mama is veeeery tired and I still have so much to try & get done before I go to bed! Hope ya'll have a great day!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Uhh...really? It's been over two weeks since my last blog?! Crazy. I have a ton to say and no time to say it, so this is a mish mash of all that's been going on with us. Cause I know we're THAT interesting. :)

1. Home Depot subcontractors are the pits. They have had 4 opportunities to come out now to measure for our new flooring and they have blown us off all 4 times. And all attempts to get our money back through Home Depot have failed. Mama is about to get really, really ugly.

2. I don't like Dodge's! We had a Magnum that we have been wanting to trade in for a while now (hello outrageous mechanic bill each year because it kept messing up!) and we were looking for fun a week ago today at the Ford dealership...and....the car just DIED on us! So we went home with a 2010 Ford Fusion. That I LOVE. And I've never liked Fords....but this car is amazing!

3. The grandparents were in the 31st and 1st...we had so much fun and enjoyed their visit. We are spending Christmas with them in Tampa and cannot wait until then! We plan on taking June back to the NICU at Florida Childrens Hospital in Orlando and seeing all of her nurses, doctors, nurse practicioners, and therapist. I can't wait to show them how much she has grown!

4. Speaking of June, she definitely keeps me busy with all of her appointments. For example, this week we have a therapy appointment tomorrow along with Sara's open house for preschool. Thursday is Sara's first day, June has a doctors appointment in the morning AND in the afternoon. Friday we have another appointment. It is insane!

5. I registered Sara for the MDO program at the Baptist church down the road. We've been there before; I really like it a lot. The program runs twice a week, but right now they only have Thursdays open, so she'll be going then from 9-3. I got it worked out to where June's OT is on Thursdays at 9:30, so that means I don't have to make Sara sit through a very boring therapy session every week! I can't believe my BABY is almost THREE. It breaks my heart right in two.

6. We attended Sara's second birthday party over the weekend. It was held at my hometown community swimming pool and Sara had a BLAST! I got to see a lot of folks from church that I hadn't saw since before we went to FL on vacation in the middle of April.

Shew....I think that may have us caught up. Can I just say -- whoever came up with the term "Stay at Home Mama" must've either been a man or a working mama. Because I NEVER stay at home! I'm very blessed to be able to stay at home, because if I had to work -- I'd probably be let go from having to take June to all of these doctors appointments! My house looks like hurricane Katrina hit it on a good day, and the mountain in the laundry room is waist high. There's unfinished projects spilling out of every cabinet I could stuff them in. Then, I found a great free pre-school curriculum online (more on that later) and trying to sit down with Sara each day and fit the fun stuff into the daily upkeep is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

But in all of our business, I am making sure to take time out each day to just love on my babies....because they won't be babies for long. :( We play outside each evening and take our walks when it cools down. What's that poem? "Dust and cobwebs will have to wait, so play with your babies before it's too late" or something like that?