Thursday, September 8, 2011

my friend murphy

Isn't it ironic that when you're going to be alone (i.e. the Air Force sends Daddy away for a couple weeks)....everything goes wrong?

Monday morning I woke up in extreme pain. I had hurt my lower back/tailbone/hip area. Thought I would just wait it out. Didn't sleep at all Monday night & Tuesday morning we were sitting in the ER (thanks to my mama for watching the girls & taking the day off work!). Found out I damaged the tissue/vessels around the base of my spine & they were swollen & inflamed. Figured I would pick up my prescription that included pain meds & all would be well in a few days.


That was the beginning of a HUGE mess that included the pharmacy not filling my pain meds, me not realizing it until 10 PM, a tearful 4 AM call to the ER during which I was told the first ER doctor never submitted my pain meds to the pharmacy & I had to wait until my PCP's office opened at 7 to get an appointment, then no appointments were available at my PCP's office until 2:30 PM & I was NOT waiting that long to be seen, so I headed over to the local ER -- at which I was told -- after I had been checked in -- that I could not be seen because it wasn't a true emergency. By this time I was bawling my eyes out & could not stand, sit, anything without feeling EXTREME pain (I'm serious ya'll, natural childbirth was easier than that!) so I went back to the Army hospital ER & demanded I get my pain meds. The good Lord was looking out for me (and for everybody staffed at that ER!) and sent a kind doctor who realized I really WAS in extreme pain, to apologize profusely & gave me a NEW prescription for a different medicine because the FIRST? I WAS ALLERGIC TO. Seriously!

When the pharmacy tech handed me that sweet Vicodin, I told her she was my hero. And I meant it with every inch of my being, too! I have never taken pain medicine like that but I tell you what -- I felt immense relief within 45 minutes of taking it. I slept nearly all afternoon, all night, & I took a 4 hour nap with the kids today. Sleep is wonderful, my friends. Especially when you've gone 48 hours with none!

And as that awesome Murphy's Law would have it, Michael left today for a couple of weeks. The girls & I are heading to my parents in the morning because I literally cannot handle it alone. I can't take the pain medicine if I'm alone with them, and if I don't take the pain medicine then I can't care for them because I can't move. It's a lose-lose situation. So my mama, Daddy, and baby sister Allie will be taking care of the three of us for the next few days. :) Good thing they love us & don't mind!

So, yes....that's where I've been since Sunday. 
And I hope & pray to God I never have to feel that pain again!


- dls - said...

ouch - poor you! hope you are much better soon!

HappyascanB said...

Bless your heart! I'm so thankful y'all can pack up and go stay with your family! Praying you're better in no time! Hang in there!