Wednesday, August 15, 2012

florida, sweet sisters & memories

Two weeks ago, we headed down to southwest Florida to visit Michael's family.
What is normally an 8 hour drive took us ten hours.
We left after my chemo treatment on Thursday
and about two hours outside of their town, I suddenly thought about my meds.
I mentioned it and then said that the girls were sleeping
and I would rather just wait til we got there to take them.
Those of you who have small children know exactly what I meant.
We got on down the road a little ways and Michael said,
"I really just feel like I need to pull over and get your medicine."
So we did.
It took him a few minutes to find it and then we called my mom.
Took about 30 minutes in all.
After we got back on the road, about 10 minutes in we saw a horrible accident on the intertate.
They had shut down a section and were rerouting people off...
life flight was landing on the road as we went by.
I'm so thankful God hekp His hand on us and kept us safe.
If we hadn't stopped for my medicine, that could have been us.
I'm forever thankful for all the "could have beens"
that have been prevented over the years.

 Ahhh....I love this place!


Sunset at The Beach Shack for supper Saturday night. 

We had a great trip and we're looking forward
to going back as soon as we can.
Thanks, Nana, Pop Pop, & Grandma for having us!

Thank you to Bailey, Mac, Samson & Delilah (the furchildren)
for letting us have their bed!

Last night I laid the girls down in their bed and
snapped this quick picture because they were too sweet:

(I love the matching nightgowns...and the "wild child"
fits June Claire to a T!)

But this morning Michael went to check on them as he was heading out to work
and this is what he found:

(Forgive the messy was clean when they went to bed!)
How cute! They had gotten a sleeping bag
and camped out on the floor.

Part of this blog is for memories that I don't want to forget.
Well, June has been sort of singing herself to sleep lately.
Last night she was softly singing, "Night night, night night"
over and over again. And Sunday morning at church
she wa falling asleep in my arms and as her little eyelids
were fluttering shut she was whispering, "No. No! NO!"
I guessthe little ball of energy just didn't want to give it up.

I hope ya'll had a great weekend and first part of the week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

fill in the blank friday

1. The age I will be on my upcoming birthday is 28. And that's all I have to say about that.

2. The best birthday present ever would be   to have my husband home for my birthday. He'll be deployed next year. :(

3. My favorite birthday to date was  either my 16th birthday when my mom & friends surprised me, or my 21st birthday in England when my sister, brother-in-law, friends & husband took me out for a play & dinner. It was awesome

4. Birthdays make me feel   bittersweet. Especially when it's my girls.
5. The worst birthday I ever had was   Either when I turned 14, my uncle passed away the day before my birthday. Or when I turned 15 (yep, that next year) our home burned about a week beforehand.
6. When I was born It was March 25, 1985. My grandma gave me two dollar bills that were made that year and I still have them in my baby book. I was the last grndchild and you can say I was spoiled. ;)
7. So far my favorite age has been  I'd say 18-22. After that it's just been one tragic mess after another.
Head on over to The Little THings We Do and link up for Fill In the Blank Friday! I hope ya'll have a great day. My girls are going to my sisters house while I go to chemo, and I'm happy because it's my last day for the week! Bring on the weekend!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

think thin thursday

Is there already a "Think Thin Thursday" going around?
I don't know. But if there isn't, I'm starting one.

A couple weeks ago I said that I was turning the way we eat around.
Better foods all around. I don't care if I have to downgrade other hings.
So I started this week.
I'm down one pound exactly as of today.
Keep in min I was in Florida on vacation Thursday to Sunday,
so I'm pretty sure that didn't help matters a whole lot.
I did stick to fish, chicken, and veggies...
but then I also had froyo and all kinds of snacks on that long car ride.
(By the way, we were completely out of her minds for taking
two small children on a 9 hour drive and only staying 2 days in between.
Never, EVER will we do that again if we can help it!)

For breakfast, I've been having a bagel with a little bit of cream cheese,
or oatmeal, and fruit.

For lunch I've been packing a healthy sandwich (whole grain bread,
lean meats, no mayo & just mustard) with fruit or veggies.
I usually take a pack of crackers and a yogurt or something to snack on, because it seems like I get nauseated at the beginning of the treatment if I don't.
For supper, it's been lean meats, fat free cheeses and sour cream, whole grains, veggies.
But I could still definitely cook healthier things --
I'm just trying to use what we have.

LOTS of water, which is good to flush the chemo ou of my system too.

It seems like the weight is easier to lose on the weeks I don't have chemo.
Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

I don't have any pictures to share today
but as soon as I get up the nerve to post some with my super short hair,
 I will share.
It'll do me good.

If you have any recipes you'd like to share, I'd be happy to try them out.
One of my favorite bloggers shares "skinny" recipes
She's lost a lot of weight over the past couple years
and she's a great inspiration.
Mama Laughlin is hilarious to boot!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what i'm loving lately

I thought I'd share a few things I've been loving lately.

I love these aqua walls! My uest bathroom will be this color shortly.
I think it looks so clean and crisp.

I had been using a MAC facial cream,
but at $30 a pop I felt like I needed to find a more affordable product.
I saw someone suggest this on YouTube,
bought it, and fell in love.
It's only $10 and I have super sensitive skin
 (and it's really dry) from chemo,
and this works great.
Matter of fact, I got a wild hair
and decided to try a trial size of
Aveeno face wash over the weekend....
completely messed my face up.
After a few day of using this (and no more Aveeno),
the dry patches are gone!

I love this stuff.
My hair has recently gotten long enough
to use a hair dryer or flat iron on,
 and so I've started back using a heat protectant.
Love this product from Aussie.
 It smells great and seems to work well!

This is totally child-related,
but my girls can't get enough of these things.
They are a lifesaver during church & on long car rides!

I hope ya'll are having a great week so far.
We went to Florida over the weekend to visit my in-laws
and I have a few pictures to share tomorrow from that.
We had a great time & it was so good to see everybody!