Monday, December 8, 2014

Menu Plan Monday! 12/8/14

Hey ya'll! How are you doing? I hope everyone is having or had a great Monday.
I had a really lovely day. After I dropped J of at school,
I came home and got some things done before our ladies prayer.
Then, the ladies, some of the husbands and our visiting preacher had lunch together - and also had a blast! I love days like this where unexpected things are so much fun.
Last week I did really, really good with our menu plan.
I cooked everything except one dish, which we ended up having sandwiches that night.
Here's this weeks - and don't forget to head over to Organizing Junkie> to link up!
Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: french toast and apples/bananas
Thursday: sandwiches (we are going out on a church outing)
Friday: beans and Mexican cornbread
Saturday:I have a shopping date with my oldest girl :)
The beans are literally just 1 can of northenrn beans and 1 can of pinto, maybe 1 can of kidney, with some seasonings. Mike's grandma makes it and it is SOOOO good! The Mexican cornbread is just regular cornbread with jalapenos, cheese, whole kernal corn, maybe black beans, etc. thrown in. One of my faves!
Here is the YouTube video I made for this weeks menu plan:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Project Organize Announcement!

Otherwise known as "Get-Rid-of-All-This-Junk-and-Sto=Procrastinating-on-Projects."
I am notorious for procrastination. I will do a million small tasks just to avoid the one 30-minute chore that I have been dreading for weeks. Months? Years, even.
Yes, it's true.
I am not ashamed, either.
Because we all do it. And if you say you don't - you're kidding yourself.
I procrastinate about getting up in the morning.
I procrastinate about cooking supper every night.
About wedding my flower bed. Cleaning the toilets.
Get the picture? :)
So I'm going to stop it all RIGHT NOW and start "Project Organize".
I am not creative and cannot think of a better name!
I will give myself a week to do one area, and starting off is...
(hear the thunder and lightning?)
the garage.
It's awful, and I have chills just thinking about it.
I'm going to start today and let it go through next Sunday, when I will give an update.
I need those extra days, ya'll. Actually, I may need an extra month.
If you would like to join, LEASE do & leave me a link in the comments! You guys don't know how much I love readying the few comments I get. And there's a good chance I may need a lot little encouragement.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oh sweet sunshine, how I miss you....

Did ya'll have a good weekend?
                                 WE DID!!
We had a GREAT weekend, matter of fact!
We were able to go to the Sarasota/Tampa area of Florida to visit my in-laws for a few days and send Thanksgiving with them. We also were able to visit Sea World, downtown Disney, and the beach.
It's the first time we have been there together in a year and a half, so it was time.
And it was really, really, nice.
I took my "big" camera but didn't even use it - but here are the ever-popular cell-hone shots:
Miss Delilah is the sweetest thing. I love that she loves to snuggle in bed!


I really, really, really want to go back here.

The sun was so bright but this is the best I got of the girls.


Sam is Delilah's brother. My MIL rescued them about 8 years ago from a farmer who was going to shoot them. (I think it was a farmer...??) He is HUGE. MASSIVE. GIGANTIC.
With a heart of a lamb. :)

Sara and June at Downtown Disney. We finally made it there after more than a few accidents...

We had lunch at the Rainforest Café. The girls liked it okay - they enjoyed when the animals started acting up. If you're not careful, the gorilla will get you!

Then we headed over to Sea World - we saw a few of the shows & the girls were able to pet the stingrays, see the mama and baby dolphins, and see the sharks.

And this.
This is a tired mama.
One who  cleaned the house, packed the bags, loaded up the truck alone, -picked up the husband at work, rode 9+ hours, sent 5 glorious days with family in the warm sunshine, packed it all up and did it again. One whose house is a wreck and the junk in the truck is 3 foot high.
                                            But it was totally, completely, 100% worth it.
And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.
(But can we wait a few months?)
Just throwing this in - a quick Meal lan Monday video that I put on my YouTube channel.
Didn't get a chance to make the blog post this week, so I'm sharing this way. :)
I hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday - see ya'll tomorrow...
... good Lord willin' & the creek don't rise!