Thursday, September 29, 2011

happy FOURTH birthday, sara faith!

Happy Birthday, Sara Faith!

On September 29, 2007, God blessed us with our firstborn.
We named her Sara Faith. 
We chose Sara because of the Biblical story of Abraham and Sarah, where they had difficulty conceiving and waiting so long for their precious son, Isaac. We chose Faith because, well...
it took faith to get her here.
I went to the hospital around 8 pm on the night of the 28th because my vision was really blurred and I just felt weird. Within 30 minutes, I was admitted and started on Pitocin and Magnesium. It was a 26 hour labor, it was brutal, it was scary at times -- especially seconds before and after delivery. But God intervened, placed His hands over those doctors hands and put breath in her lungs.

About two hours after birth.

After a four day stay in the hospital, we brought our precious little girl home. 
After waiting my WHOLE life, I was FINALLY a mama. 
That's the only thing I've EVER wanted to be.

Dear Miss Sara,
The past four years have truly been the most wonderful of my life. You have shown me so many things. You have taught me compassion, you have brought silliness to my life, you have made me remember that life does not need to always be so serious. You have shown me what it is like to have unconditional love, and SO much love for someone. You healed my heart after so much grief and loss. Some days you make me want to beat my head into a concrete wall, but at the end of those days, when I look at you sleeping in your bed, snuggled up to your sister -- I know that I would not trade one fraction of a second of this life with you for anything in this entire world. 

I pray daily that you grow up to allow God to move and work in your life. I pray that you have a musical talent like me, or that you can fix anything with your hands like your daddy, or that you have your Mamaws dedication, or your Papaws kind heart, your Nana's way with words, your Grandma's love for her family, your Pop Pop's healthy way of life, or your Grandpa's sense of humor. But most of all, I pray that you are YOU, and that you never change that.

Love, Mama

 Mamaw holding Sara for the first time.

 Nana and Sara for the first time.

Meeting Grandpa and Grandma for the first time.


HappyascanB said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday, Sara!

- dls - said...

happy birthday to miss sara faith! =) what a precious post!