Monday, October 25, 2010

Old blue Monday

I didn't want the weekend to end. I never do.

We spent this weekend in my hometown. I really wanted to go to the Holiday Market in a neighboring city that the Junior League puts on, but ended up not being able to.

Friday evening we took my two younger cousins (when I say "younger" I mean they're 17 -- when did that become "younger" to me? Wasn't I just 17 last week?!) to a haunted maze thing.

This maze was short, but it got me a couple times. My sister works the ticket booth there (it's a volunteer fire department that puts it on) & she decided to go through it with us for the first time, so they set out to scare her as much as possible.

Well, it worked. :)

Saturday morning, we got up & headed to a bigger city about 45 minutes away to do a little shopping. My mom wanted to go by JCPenney, so I picked up a birthday present & Sara got the prettiest dress. It's baby blue with chocolate brown polka dots....I love it! Then we had lunch at Red Robin (one of Michael's favorites) & stopped by Publix for that BOGO free Halloween candy. Then Sara & I got ready really quickly for a birthday party that afternoon.

Abbie Claire is TWO! I got some super cute shots, but don't want to post any without asking for her parents permission first. So you'll have to settle with this one of Sara:

Sara watching AC open presents.

That evening we went to my cousins to shoot skeet. I got pictures of it, but they're not that pretty. I guess nobody looks their best when shooting a gun, right? Anyway, we had a blast. After dark fell we went inside & watched the Alabama game. Another win!

Sunday was church. I got my mom to snap a few pictures before we headed out. Out of about 30 shots, only a couple turned out okay. Sara was NOT in the picture making mood!

Maybe one day I'll share the outtakes with you. They are hilarious. But not very flattering!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend as well!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take me back to Destin, please!

Michael & I on our way to Seaside

A few weeks ago, Michael surprised me with a (very) spontaneous trip to Destin, Florida. When I say very, I mean very -- as in, he asked me on a Friday night after counseling & we left on Saturday afternoon after Sara's birthday party. Now when you have children, especially young ones, this is about as spontaneous as it gets! I was thrilled because he NEVER does things like this anymore (and neither do I) and when we were dating it was all about spontenaity. So, we packed up & we were off.

To be honest, I can't recall the name of the resort we stayed at on Saturday night. I do, however, remember leaving to go out for supper & forgetting the top lock on the door was still latched....and I broke off the lock and the TRIM! The wooden trim just ripped in half and was hanging in my hand! Thankfully, the resort was very cool about it & said that way worse things happen all the time. It was kind of weird being in a condo hotel room again, seeing as how the last time I was in one, I was in labor with June! Anyway. The first night we had supper at The Back Porch, which I TOTALLY recommend. I think they just opened one up in PCB, too. It's great, even if you have a husband like mine who insisted it was just a 5 minute walk up the beach, and how romantic would it be walking at night on the beach?

Remind me to take what he says with a grain of salt from now on, mmmkay? Try FORTY-FIVE minutes...on a beach that smelled really, really bad. I was appalled at just how bad it smelled. But that hike was romantic, and it was worth it. Even if I was covering up my nose the whole time! Sorry I don't have any pictures of that night -- I forgot my camera when we left the room. :)

The second night we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. It was still very nice, and I'd absolutely stay there again. Both rooms had a beachfront view and that's really all that matters to me! Sunday during the day we did a little shopping, spent some time out enjoying the fresh air, and drove over to Seaside, where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Bud & Alley's. It was great atmosphere, right on the beach, and pretty dang good food!

At Bud & Alley's on the beach

I had the shrimp & grits...for the first time EVER -- and boy, now I know what everybody's been talking about! I will definitely be making those at home for the rest of my days.

Before we left out again, we went out onto the balcony to take some pictures. Because I'm a picture freak like that. And I'm really glad we did! There was a gorgeous view. See for yourself:

That evening, we went to Fuddpuckers for supper. That usually isn't the type of restaurant I'd choose, but I've always wanted to go & it looked really fun -- and we were definitely up for fun things! I had the crab cake sandwich, which is usually what I get. It was just okay. Not amazing, but not bad, either. I got the usual t-shirt, we watched alligators, etc. I did take this picture:

Monday morning, we packed up & headed home. It was a blissful 2 days! Special thanks to my mama, Tammy & Baylee, Kayla, and my sisters & BIL who all took turns watching the girls for us. We definitely appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sara turns THREE!

Sara's third birthday was on September 29. I KNOW -- that was almost a month ago! But I'm trying my best to get back in the swing of things. It will just take a minute. :)

On her actual birth day, we celebrated with just Michael, June, Sara & myself. Michael got her cupcakes, and she opened a couple gifts. We went for supper at TGI Friday's beforehand -- and it was pretty good!

We had a princess theme this year....definitely well received from all the little girls! Sara asks us about 4 times a day, "Is my birthday coming up?" She already can't wait for next year!

Sara, I am so happy God chose me to be your mama. We love you so much!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 5 months, June Claire!

June Claire is FIVE MONTHS!

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?!

June Claire turned FIVE months on September 21. Where has the time gone?

You wear size 0-3 month clothes.

I haven't put shoes on you yet, but I'm pretty sure they're a 0.

You are still in NB or size 1 diapers, depending on the brand.

The last time you were weighed, you were 8 pounds 13 ounces.

You have become such a JOY in the past month! If we lay you on the floor on a quilt, you will roll and roll and be at the other end of the room before we know it! You lift your head up SO well. If you're on your belly, you will pick that little head up and look all around you. You are nosy just like your sister! Your occupational therapist, Victoria, says that she is so proud of you for how far you have come! Those prayers and her hard work is paying off. You coo and even laugh sometimes at us. Your daddy loves it so much when he talks in his ridiculously high pitched voice to you, and you smile and giggle in return.

Over the past month, we have started having babysitters more frequently. For one, Michael & I are in marriage counseling, so every Wednesday night we have someone keep the girls for us. So far Mamaw, Kayla (and Brittany & Meme!), and Baylee have kept them. June is NOT a fan of anything other than my boobs. She fusses herself into exhaustion before she will take a bottle. However, my sister Elizabeth must have the magic touch, because June NEVER fusses for her. It's crazy! The weekend after Sara's birthday, my mom & cousin kept them for one night, then my sister Kayla and another cousin kept them for a second night while Michael and I took a two night getaway to Destin, FL. I have a few really nice pictures to share with ya'll from that, but later though. :) Aunt Kayla was amazing! She got up with June all in the night and even went to work the next morning! She has proven herself to us (after accidentally putting on diapers backwards....twice -- but we still love you!!) and I told her she is officially inducted into the "Babysitters List". She is pretty excited, because she loves her nieces & they love her right back!
PS -- if anyone can tell me how to work this new picture thing, I would appreciate it! Thanks!