Friday, September 23, 2011

show us your life -- favorite places to shop

I'm a big fan of reading Kelly's Korner each week for her Show Us Your Life series. 
This week, she's talking about favorite places to shop.
Helllooooo.....this is right up my alley!
Or it was until Sara was born & I came a SAHM. 
Now I'm all about finding sales & affordable (read: cheap as possible) clothes that are still quality & trendy.

In the fall & winter, I looove boots & cardigans. That is basically my wardrobe staple in the colder months. Also...being a mom of two under 4 years, I end up in "easy clothes" a good part of the time. Each year I make an effort to purchase new yoga pants & nice t-shirts so that I don't entirely look like a slob. ;) I love Target for that.

Probably my favorite store ever in the whole wide world is Ann Taylor Loft. Or Forever 21. And Target. Okay, three favorite stores in the whole world wide.

Unfortunately, I will not be adding to my winter wardrobe unless I lose so much weight that it becomes a necessity. I kind of hope that will happen....but not really, because we are saving every single penny we can for a minivan.
I guess I'm really an adult now! 

I will be back later tonight with the "day in the life" post -- I know I am boring ya'll to death & honestly, I'm a little bored myself! But TONIGHT my friends...tonight I will have something very awesome to show ya'll!

Ta-ta for now!

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