Saturday, July 30, 2011

weekend randoms

1. I might have went four days this week without wearing makeup. Or fixing my hair in anything other than a ponytail. And I defintely stayed in "easy clothes" aka yoga pants & tank tops or t-shirts.
Not cute ones, either.

2. I have spent WAY too much time on Pinterest this week. I have a baby shower coming up in October that I'm helping to plan and I am getting so many good ideas!
Can't wait to share the finished product with ya'll.

3. Today we are going hiking in Pine Mountain and then over to the beach at Callaway Gardens. I'm hoping to get some good pictures of the girls -- it's been a while!

4. As of the end of August, I'll officially be a college student. :)

5. I'm one of THOSE moms who judge other parents for letting their children run around a restaurant. I totally get that your kid isn't going to be quiet the whole time you're in there. My two definitely are not, either! However -- I believe you can make them sit in  highchair, your lap, or a regular chair.
Don't let them go running up to random peoples table.
This really happened.

6. I'm already planning Sara's birthday, and it isn't until the end of September!
I think I'm going with a milk and cookies theme -- it sounds boring, but is so cute! We're trying to do just a low-key party at home this year. I found princess cookie stick molds last night at Michaels, so we'll still be working princesses in there somewhere. :)

7. I have made it a goal to NOT eat out ONCE this weekend. Hopefully I will come back Monday and be able to say.....WE DID IT!

8. On a side note, I have always loved eating out on Sunday afternoon after church. However, by the time we get out of church around 12:00....the girls are cranky as all get out because it's an hour past nap time. And the're hungry. We usually end up going home for a sandwich and then sleeping the afternoon away...which is kinda nice, actually.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful Saturday! See ya'll Monday!


Amber said...

Congrats to you on becoming a college student! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

congrats to you!!