Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bring tanner home

Three years ago, I was a brand new mama in a brand new city. After months of encouragement, I finally joined a playgroup. The first meetup I went to was a morning coffee with little ones at Panera Bread. I was SO nervous, because I'm really shy and will nearly make myself sick over meeting someone new. I walked in, found the little booth where a couple of moms were sitting with babies, and asked one girl if she belonged to the playgroup. She broke out into a big smile, her eyes lit up, and she introduced herself and her little girl. I attended that same playgroup for about a year and NEVER ONCE did I feel like the new kid on the block. I got to see what an awesome parent she was -- even to three children with a deployed husband.

That was :Lora. Eventually, her husband came home and the Army moved them away to Colorado. We've stayed in touch through our blogs & through Facebook -- she has sent many an encouraging e-mail over the past year during our process with June. They've since added a fourth little one, too. :)

I tell you this because Lora, her husband Dean, and their four beautiful children are adopting a little boy named Tanner. Tanner is being adopted through the organization Reece's Rainbow. You can read all about the service on their webpage. Trust me -- it is truly a wonderful thing.

Tanner has Polycystic Kidney Disease, which is why he is with Reece's Rainbow. Now, Lora and her husband are just an ordinary military family. We all know that Uncle Sam doesn't provide the best pay grade ever, so they are hosting fundraisers to fund the adoption fees. If you go to her blog, she has an outline of the estimated cost of adoption.
 I believe it was $25,000.
All because God told them to bring Tanner home.

They just finished their first fundraiser -- a puzzle fundraiser which raised $3,000!
AND they finished it about three weeks before their deadline --
 I'm telling you, God is moving for this family!

Lora's friend Angela is a really awesome photographer (if you live in the Colorado area -- you should check her out! The pictures she took of Dean's homecoming are amazing!) is selling a printed picture in support of Tanner. At this moment, the proceeds are being split 90/10 -- 90% going to bringing Tanner home, 10% going to Reece's Rainbow. After Tanner is home it will be changed to 50/50 -- 50% supporting the ongoing medical care that he will need. Because, ya'll, it takes a LOT out of you to support a sick little one. Yes, insurance is a great thing (and believe you me, I am SO thankful for Tricare) but you still have fuel cost, hotels, food while you're out, etc. Anyway -- you can buy the print for $30, (5) 4x6's for $25, or the file (which will allow you to print as many as you want) for $100.
I am definitely going to be buying one of these prints.

Another friend that was in the playgroup, Anna, owns an Etsy shop called Leo's Roar. Through August 31, she is donating 5% of her proceeds to bring Tanner home. She has sold over 400 items with 100% positive feedback, so you KNOW she is someone you'd enjoy working with!

Sharin, yet another friend in the playgroup (I'm thinking our playgroup was pretty awesome back in the day!)also has an Etsy shop, Modern Farm Baby and she is also donating 5% of all proceeds to Tanner. She JUST opened her shop this month and she is still getting products up, so if you want something but don't see it -- e-mail her!

Lora also has a Paypal link on her blog that will allow you to donate.

If you can't donate monetarily (and sometimes we just can't) you CAN pray.
That's probably the most effective of all, anyway.

Go check out Lora's blog and read all about their process with Tanner. I promise to keep ya'll updated, but it's always better to hear it straight from the horses mouth! I can't WAIT for the day that she announces baby Tanner is home with his new family!

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ang klocke said...

Hi! Thank you so much for sharing in your blog about the PRAY print (and for your oh so kind words about my work in general) and joining in helping to bring Tanner home. You're awesome! <3