Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday was one of "those" days.
The morning went great -- June had PT in the morning and I had no problems getting the girls up,
getting us all ready & out the door.

Sara was SO good waiting on June to do PT that I decided to reward her by going to Barnes & Noble to let them play with the train table. They played for at least an hour before June started getting cranky...it was lunch time, and they both needed naps. It was time to head home.

Except, Sara apparently didn't think so.
She FELL OUT IN THE FLOOR, screaming that she didn't want to leave.
I was mortified. I corrected her as best I could with a 15 month old on one hip, got her to the car and took a few minutes to explain WHY we can't act like that.
To which she slapped me in the face.
Correction #2 then took place.

Then the rest of the afternoon was bad...they fell asleep on the way home, but woke up as I was trying to transfer them to their beds. So we had lunch, I tried to clean, but Sara was SO BAD. I know 95% of it was because she was SO tired, but oh my word! When did my sweet little angel get such a bad attitude? I finally just gave up and laid down with them about 3:00 and she slept until about 6:00. After that, she was great!

What do you do when your kids act out in public like that? I was truly so embarrassed. She has only done that once before, when she was MUCH younger. I used to be THAT person who thought, "Get a hold on your kids!" when a child acted out....but not now! I guess I got a big dose of humility.

Here's hoping today is MUCH better! :)
And because I don't want to leave this post on a sour note...
here is a picture of the girls playing sweetly, before disaster struck.


Ktater said...

oh my goodness! I know exactly how you feel. When other peoples kids are acting up Im thinking "spank their butts" but when I go to spank Halie I feel like all eyes are on me! But ya have to do it or they will realize public is where mommy wont do anything about it. Thats a tough one.

- dls - said...

you poor mama -