Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy news!

Last year my Fourth of July holiday was spent on the rooftop of the parking garage at Florida Childrens Hospital in Orlando, FL, with some wonderful friends while my daughter lay in the hospital behind us.
Some of the friends were fellow NICU parents,
some where parents with older children in the PICU,
and some were parents of other handicapped children.
But we all were fighting the fight.

That week my family had drove down from central Alabama to be with us.
They were slowly disconnecting Junebug's monitors one by one.
They were getting ready to remove her feeding tube.
Little did we know that "a couple of weeks" would be two days away, on July 6.
My family back in Alabama was celebrating and praising God because little Hadlei
(my cousins baby who was born with a CHD called Hypoplastic Left Heart Disease and with Hetertaxy Syndrome and no spleen; she was in the CICU unit of the University of Alabama hospital in Birmingham, three hours from our home)
 was getting ready to be released until her next major surgery.
Little did we know Jesus would end her struggle here on Earth and call her home to Him six days away,
on July 10.

The month of July has proven....bittersweet this year.
It holds June's homecoming day,
 Hadlei's homecoming day
...and today we got some pretty amazing news!
 Hadlei's aunt, Baylee, is 15 weeks pregnant with her first child.
 Baylee is a CHD survivor
(she had open heart surgery at 18 months -- CHDs run in our family, unfortunately),
 and with Hadlei's recent struggle --
our entire family has been holding our breath and praying endlessly that this baby will be fine.

While of course we still don't know anything for sure,
she's had several ultrasounds and so far -- all seems to be 110% healthy!
 Today she had the "big" ultrasound, and....

    IT'S A BOY!

Tyson Adler will be here in December.
 Let me just tell ya'll right now -- we are so thrilled we can hardly stand it!
Please say a prayer that everything will continue to go smoothly for Baylee & Tyson.
Their family deserves it!


Archaeology cat said...

What wonderful news! Praying all is well.

Heather said...

That brought tears to my eyes, Steph! I'm so glad everything seems to be going smoothly for them. I'll pray that it continues to go that way and that little Tyson is born healthy and strong! Love his name and congrats to them on a little boy! <3