Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time for a catch-up

Hey ya'll! We have been SO busy the past couple of days here. First things first, though! Please allow me to introduce the newest member of my little family, Homer:

I got conned into this Saturday afternoon. I wanted to run to Target, and the pet store is right next door.
Well, the pet store had the local humane society out there with their animals...and folks, that is all she wrote. We "test drove" one sweet charcoal lab mix that I LOVED. Her name was Summer & she was the sweetest little thing! But then we walked by this cage and this HUGE hulk of a puppy stuck his tongue out and licked June. She giggled and starting jabbering...which she never does....and it was a match made in Heaven.
We think he is a lab/hound dog mix. He's 4 months old & weighs 35 pounds. He's estimated to reach around 80 pounds. And ya'll -- June adores him! She just talks and talks to him and chases him and pays no attention to anybody else. It is really the sweetest thing ever! They are best friends. :)

Sunday we tried out a new church. I LOVED it! Sara will have to get used to a new nursery, but all in all...I really LOVE the church. (Did I say that already?) Looking forward to going back! I tried to get a good picture of the girls & I, but we were running short on time & this was what I got:

                Please excuse the clean clothes hanging on the laundry room door...this is real life, folks!
Just be glad I didn't show you the other part of the house...
the "Sunday morning rush" definitely hit us!

This morning June had both OT & PT. I definitely was a little LOT frazzled by the time we got out the door & on our way. I did manage to get this picture of Sara...I though tit was too cute! This is what I get when I ask her to say "Cheese!" these days. Notice her hair...we chopped a good five or so inches off Saturday! I was going for a bob, but she & her daddy begged to keep her long hair, so we compromised. She looks SO much older to me!

Back to this morning... I was trying to curl my hair & I had one 14 month old trying to eat her hairbow, take her diaper off, and shove a pen in the dogs eye all at the same time (oh, and I believe she tried to feed Homer her bottle, too!), one 3 year old riding her tricycle in circles around me (and I just NOW stopped to wonder -- why did she have her tricycle in the house in the first place?!), the other dog was in a jealous huff on the couch because she is not the Queen anymore (I swear....she is so much like a human it's craaaazy! I have gotten the evil eye for two days straight...once she realized Homer wasn't going home), I got a fish hook stuck in my hand when I was trying to shove all of our stuff into the trunk, and I don't even know what else. And then, to finalize the craptastic morning --
June was so tired by the time she got to the Rehab center that she didn't want to do ANYTHING.
 Oh, why was she tired at 9 am? Because the dog woke me and her us up at 5 am.
After I got up at 2 am to walk him because he was running around the house like a bat out of Haides.
I am so thankful for my girls and I love being a mama to them,
but some days I'm exhausted before I even get going!

But then this afternoon, Sara randomly came up to me and said,
"Here mama, I made this all for you because I love you!" *melt*

And that's the past few days in a nutshell for us. :)
I hope ya'll had a good weekend...and here's hoping this week will be awesome!

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Amber said...

Homer is so cute! Enjoy your new furry friend! :)