Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Update and Menu Plan Monday!

Hey ya'll! Did you have a good weekend? We did. It was SO relaxing. In my old age (haha), I have really come to appreciate and enjoy weekends like that. Weekends where you can just do whatever it is that you want to do, and whatever pace you'd like to do it at.
Except when the weekends over, reality is back and your house is a mess.
But I digress. :)
Well, to start with, Sara brought home her first note from a little boy.
An early Valentines Day note.
And he wants her to come for a "date" at his house to play Wii-U.
 I'm not ready for this.
Friday night we rewarded the girls with ice cream - they don't get rewards often, but we had made a deal with June that if she did not cry at drop-off at school all week long, and she practiced really hard at listening and obeying the first time her parents ask her to do something - that she could get ice cream on Friday night. Well, you know my 4 year old loves her ice cream and she was REALLY good all week long - so out we went!
Except....when we got there, Sara was the only one who wanted ice cream.
June preferred chicken strips from Arby's, and then she fell asleep before she got to eat them!
Saturday we let Daddy sleep in and we were lazy, too! Did some chores, played a lot.
Then Sara and I had a "mommy daughter date" at the mall - she request these every once in a while
and I am happy to take her up on them. I love it just as much as she does!
So we got all dressed up and headed up. She got her a new pair of shoes at JCP ($5.97 - SCORE!),
I got a new dress at JCP ($11 - SCORE!), she picked out a super adorable scarf at The Childrens Place, June got some much-needed new uniform skirts and I also cashed in a gift certificate at Sephora for Prada Candy perfume. (Smells SO god....thank you Mike!) She was able to ride the motorized animals around....heaven help me when she turns 16!
That evening, we had friends over for a while and then went out to eat! :)
Sunday was SUPER lazy and full of church, just the way I like it. Here's a little OOTD of the girls & I from our morning outfits. We actually had a few minutes to spare before running out the door!
Now - our menu plan for the week!
I am SO ashamed to say we did awful last week. We ate out FOUR TIMES.
Which means we're carrying over a ton of meals this week.
I'm challenging myself to cook supper EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week.
I'll report next Monday. :)
Monday: Herb Roasted Chicken, roasted potatoes/carrots, and corn
Tuesday: chicken noodle soup (with the leftovers & broth)
Wednesday: Minestrone, rolls
Thursday: garlic chicken (old WW recipe, in the crockpot), cowboy beans, turnip greens
Friday: pancakes & sausage
Saturday: leftovers/clean out the ridge/easy night
Sunday: lunch will be cheese tortellini with spinach and diced tomatoes in alfredo sauce, salad
Supper will be tacos (1/2 ground chuck, 1/2 black beans), yellow rice
It's also been requested I make cupcakes, so those will be coming up as well. :)
Ya'll head over to Organizing Junkie, check out the inspiration and don't forget to link up! Ya'll have a great day!

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