Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Year.

Happy Tuesday to you!
Today's post is just a bunch of random thoughts dumped out....sometimes I come on here to blog with no rhyme or reason as to what I'm going to say, and I just let it spill on out. IT's kind of therapeutic that way, I think, and most of the time it works in my favor. :)
Today I had a lot of errands to run. Mike took a ay of leave so that he could drive me - I had an eye appointment that my eyes were going to be dilated at so I needed my chauffeur.
 I rewarded him with a herry limemade.
(Okay, okay - it was really for me!)
I had to run to the library, grocery store and post office - you can check out my grocery haul from Publix here if you'd like! We did not need much this week, just a few staples and sale items.
My family goes through string cheese and fruit like you would not BELIEVE, so I had to stock up.
But most importantly, I wanted to say that on Sunday, I realized...
I've been in remission
And that's all, folks. Happiest week of my life.

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