Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pinspiration Wednesday: OOTD #3

Here's my Pinspiration for this Wednesday:
(And sorry I missed last week!)
And here's what I came up with out of my closet:
I've worn the jean jacket and shirt before in a previous Pinspiration OOTD found here.
But I'll tell you again where they're from.
- jean jacket, Factory Connection, 2013, around $15
- black and white striped pocket 3/4 length tee, Charlotte Russe, 2013, about $10 or $13
- black maxi skirt (shown my latest clothing haul on YouTube - go check me out under Stephanie O'Neill!), last weekend at the BX (brand is JW), for $6.36.
- Shoes are Madden Girl, found at a thrift store a few months ago for $.99.
I hope ya'll are having a great Wednesday! I had infusion this morning, then my dad and I went to Target and had lunch at Cracker Barrel - where some lovely person paid for our meal unexpectedly. I am always blown away when that happens. People can be so kind. This week my mission is to find a way to pay it forward to someone else!
Go enjoy your life, sweets!


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