Friday, January 30, 2015

Week in Review - and Something Special!

This week has FLOWN by!
Is it really Friday? I can't hardly believe it.
Isn't this coffee cup so ute?! Target for $2.99
You know you want need one!
Monday - I had an appointment at Emory with my oncologist/APL doctor.
We were checking up on the GVHD and things are looking up.
The rash was healing well, yada yada.
Tuesday I rushed around like a madwoman - we had ladies prayer that morning, lunch afterward, then I hit up THREE grocery stores (Publix, Fresh Market & Target) - you can check that haulage out here:
(I listed all the totals in the downbar of the video.)
Wednesday...I don't even remember what I did that day.
How's that even possible to forget a whole day when it was just 48 hours ago?!
Chemobrain? Mommy-brain? Something?
Thursday I went back to Emory to see my BMT doctor for another checkup with the GVHD.
The rash is still improving, which is good. The not-so-good is that the GVHD is effecting my lipids and most importantly, my liver. My liver enzymes are quite high and so is my bilirubin.
They changed almost all of my medicines in one way or another.
This should help....but I'm not fearful.
Honestly? The worst thing about it right now is that a) I'm super tired because my vit D levels are so low they're not even detected; and b) I've got mouth sores. And hey - if tha's all I have to complain about, life is pretty splendid!
This goofball (better known as SareBear in our house) and I have been working on finding ways to use the word splendid.
She read it in a book the other day and let's just say....
it has opened her splendid eyes to a splendid new way of a splendid life!
And today it's FINALLY FRIDAY!
I've just been working on getting a lot accomplished online this morning and am getting ready to rn a slew of errands. The weekend is shaping up t a be  a nice, relaxing one and I'm ready!
Before I let ya'll go, I wanted to share this. My friend cross stitched this for me as a surprise and it bring me to tears that she - or anyone - would do something so special for me. It's going to be framed and hung up very soon!


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