Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week Recap: Yard Sale Update, Lazy Wii Play, and Budget Update

So, in my Five on Friday link-up post, I mentioned that I was getting junk out of my house to donate to the church yard sale. Well, we ran that yard sale on Saturday. When I got there a few minutes after 7, there were people waiting outside the dining hall, ready to go in and get their shop on!
It was a steady flow for several hours.
We were a little worried that we wouldn't do well, because we had just had one in October and we didn't THINK we all had that much stuff to get rid of.
We were overflowing with things!
The church is doing something called "talent dollars" where each woman takes a certain amount of money ($10 in this case) and develops it into as much as she can, which is then donated to the church building fund - which (I believe) is going to be used to build the front of the church.
We ended up raising a grand total of....
....drumroll please...
I mean, ya'll1 That is God right there. I believe we made somewhere in the ballpark of $300-$350 last October, so in 4 short months the ladies raised about $550 with two yard sales.
Yes, I prayed over that yard sale - I ain't ashamed.
 And it wasn't just because I didn't want my junk back, either!
(Although I sure am glad those 10 Wal-Mart sacks are gone, gone, GONE!)
((Even though I have another started already. But I digress.))
When I finished up with the yard sale, I came home to this:

A whole bunch of relaxing goin' on - and a little Wii-U, too!
Even this guy got in on the relaxation. :)

And this morning, after a lazy day yesterday (I had infusion and just wasn't feeling 100%), it's back to "work" for me. But I enjoy blogging and YouTubing, as well as taking care of my home and raising my children, so I don't think you can quite classify that as work. I am so blessed to have the life I do!
By the way - I filmed a budget update and an update to my Coin Challenge over on YouTUbe.
 You can see that video here:

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