Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites Linky!

I'm going to link up again this week with Grace and Love for a Friday Favorites post. Head on over and check her out.
Let me know if you link up!
#1 -- This guy right here.
He has been my rock and my best friend for almost ten years now, and I appreciate and love him so much. This was taken yesterday while we were on the way to have my bone marrow biopsy done.
I couldn't ask for a better husband!
#2 --  Dr. Seuss Week!

Earlier this week they had wacky tacky day for June
and crazy hair day for Sara.
I think they both fit the bill! :)
#3 --Thai food.

I tried a couple new recipes this week, and this was one of them.
I LOVE Thai, but I couldn't eat this dish because it was just too spicy for me right now.
My kids loved it but didn't finish due to the spice.
One day....
#4 -- Exercise.
It's small. But it's movement forward, and that's all I can do.
#5 -- And lastly, THE WIG!
With my hair at a super awkward stage right now, this thing will be making a regular appearance again.
I can't begin to explain how different I felt when I put it on.
It's crazy what having hair will dof or you!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Stopping by from the linkup. Your girls are adorable! Enjoy your weekend!

beth said...

Please let us know the results of your biopsy. I worry about you when you don't post. I have been following your blog since June was a baby.