Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites (with a Linky)

 I'm linking up with Grace and Love this week for a Friday Favorites post! You should head on over and check her out - she's amazing - and let me know if you link up! I'd love to read what your Friday Favorites are. :)

#1: I've been enjoying June's sweet artwork she's been bringing home.
Her little hands printed on paper - that will be something I treasure forever.
And she says she's ready for summer, because she can swim in the pool!
(Mama's ready, too!)
#2: Something else I've been enjoying this week is the beautiful sunshine that decided to appear.
For us, sunshine means lots and lots of play time outside (aka no one feels cooped up and there are not so many negative attitude moments!). I enjoyed a piece of said sunshine the other day for a full hour on my back porch, just relaxing and thinking.
Maybe I'll get rid of some of this pasty white skin in the process...
#3: This week, I have started back walking as many days a week as I can. I was not able to go Monday and Wednesday due to infusions, but Tuesday and Thursday both provided opportunity for nice, 1-2 mile walks that I thoroughly enjoyed. And sweated through.
#4: So as you can guess, with the return of exercise I have also been making more conscious choices of what I put in my body. We've always eaten a fairly healthy diet, but I am definitely more aware of the fact that we need to clean it up a little. Not going vegan or vegetarian or crazy here, but just the little htings. Number one is way less eating out! And so far, that's been successful. :)
#5: Board games really are the best, aren't they? We have enjoyed Candyland multiple times this week. We'll bring out some more this weekend, I have no doubt. :)

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