Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What's In My Bag?

Hey ya'll!
Have ya'll ever seen those "What's In My Bag" post floating around?
You know - the ones where ladies show you all the deep, dark innards of their handbags?
Well, I'm revealing my innermost craziness today...
...the inside of my purse!
I didn't clean it out beforehand, so there's some...interesting...things in here, I'm sure.
Read on to see what I'm hoarding in there!
First off, here is my purse. It's a Vera Bradley, I don't know what style name, though.
Mike got it for me for Valentine's Day.
I love it! It's very spring-y, very bright and colorful, very ME!
IT has long straps and is the perfect size to throw whatever I need in there, including an iPad and snacks/things for the girls. we go?

We've got another Vera Bradley pouch, my eye glasses case, a pink baseball cap, earbuds, wallet, checkbook, random change purse of June's, pens, coupon fild holder thingy, Marc Jacobs change purse (mine), and random receipts.

In this pouch I typically keep chapstick, hand sanitzer, hand lotion, eye drops, Certs or something similar, earbuds, nail file, nail clippers, etc. I've had this thing since Sara was a baby and I got it on clearance then for $10. I love it!

Marc Jacobs coral-peach colored change purse that I got at thrift store for $.50. Score!
But I don't keep change in it - I Have library cards, random gift cards, etc.
2 checkbooks - blue one is a generic one from the bank, black one is a Coach checkbook that I got a t a thrift store for $1.00.

Lastly is my wallet! This is a cream colored wide-puckered Jessica Simpson wallet.
It's actually my sisters, but we swapped out. :)
I think it is so feminine and pretty, and it holds everything I Need it to!
So - let me know if you have a What's In Your Bag post!
I love to see what ya'll carry in your bags. :)

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