Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Sara!

Somebody had a birthday!
Sara Faith turned six years old
on September 29!

I cannot believe she is 6.

11 months

Where did my little baby go?

We had a great day. That weekend, we had family come and stay with us. More family came up on Sunday and we had cupcakes, then headed out to Chuck E Cheese to eat some pizza & play! I'm not sure who had more fun -- Sara or me. I'm a sucker for CEC.
Skeeball anyone? :)

Sara started cheering a few weeksa go, and....she hates it.
She is going to stick it out through the end of thes eason, though.
It's too bad that she hates it, bu t she is super cute out there. ;)

Dear Sara,

My love for you has grown exponentially over this past year. 
We butt heads, I get frustrated when you want to wear those horrible knee-high lace-up Converse-type shoes instead of the sweet brown Mary Janes I picked out, but you have become so....wise this year. You astonish me (and your daddy) with your words and train of thought at times. 
You inspire me.
And I pray I inspire you.
You no longer want to kiss me, except for the occasional peck on the cheek or forehead, 
and only if I pretend I'm pouting and fake a few tears. 
But you give the BIGGEST hugs and I cherish each one.
 Last night you told me,
 "Mama, always remember this - even if you have no hair, you are STILL beautiful." 
Baby, you are beautiful too, outside AND inside.
You don't really play with baby dolls anymore.
"They're for babies, mama!" you say. "I want big girl things now! Like a Coach purse and an iPod!"
This year we gave you a hot pink digital camera, a REAL one - your first ever.
I can't wait to upload the footage tonight and see the world through your eyes.
.....I feel like it's going to be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Love you, SareBear.

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- dls - said...

happy birthday to your sweet Sara - oh my on coach purses and ipods...she is getting started on her expensive tastes early. =)