Monday, October 21, 2013

What's For Dinner 10/7-13 & Meal Plan Monday!

I hope ya'll have been having a great time!
Last week was busy for us. We had a house full of sickies, and now mama has caught the crud.
I'm not too worried - I have an appointment this week with a respiratory therapist for my monthly breathing treatment, so I will just have him double check me. I don't feel too bad. :)

A while back I said I was thinking about starting to share our weekly meal plans and what we had for dinner. We are a family of 4, enlisted military, with a mother who desires to feed her family healthy food but has a tight budget. We are still trying to get out of CC debt (almost there, praise the Lord!) and therefore do not have tons of money to spend on food. We wouldn't anyway. It's not necessary.

Well anyway, I pretty much failed at taking nightly pictures of my food. I'm just going to have to get in the swing of things. :) But I'm happy to report that after beginning the "challenge" of cooking every single night and not eating out for a week -- I DID IT! We even had a lot of company overnight during the weekend, and meals were eaten here. 
(Thanks mama for making breakfast - it was awesome!)
But as for the three pictures I did get, well - here you go!

Ravioli w/ parmesan, Casear salad, garlic toast

Sauteed cheddarwurst with onions and mushrooms, deviled eggs and green beans

Baked herb chicken, lima beans, brown rice

Other meals were:
- fish sticks with mac & cheese and peas (good quality fish sticks)
-spaghetti bake with salad and garlic bread

And then Sunday night we had a leftovers/clean out the fridge kinda night.
Sometimes you just need one of those. :)

This week our menu plan is as follows:

Monday: BBQ pork chops, homemade mashed potatoes and fresh roasted corn on the cob
Tuesday: shrimp, broccoli and sweet potato chowder with crescent rolls
Wednesday: Baked ham & cheese rolls, roasted parmesan zucchini
Thursday: pasta primavera, salad, garlic bread
Friday: sandwiches, chips & dip
Saturday & Sunday: GONE TO MAWMAWs HOUSE! 

The chowder calls for salmon instead of shrimp, but I have shrimp & I'm going to try it like that. We've had it several times before and it is AWESOME. I've had seafood haters love it, and I hate sweet potatoes but I love it! The baked ham & cheese rolls are to die for, too. If all turns out, I'll share recipes!

I hope ya'll have a great Monday!

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