Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Fall, Ya'll!

I fiiiinally got my fall decorations out of the garage & put up inside.
Hold up. Let me rephrase that - Michael got them out for me. :)
I've gott everything all decorated (including new paint for the front door!) so I thought I'd share!
I love seeing other people decorate their houses for whatever season it is.

I just HAVE to say that my dogs have already scratched the stupid door
...and it just got painted yesterday.
And yes, there is STILL tape aorund the glass because I've got to touch up the white paint.
But let's keep it real, folks - if I wait to do that before I show ya'll, it'll be the new year. :/

When you first walk in our front door, to the left I have a little shelf. I had two leftover pumpkinst hat wouldn't fit anywhere else so I threw them up there.

That sign hanging from the bottom was given to us by our favorite NICU nurse, Carrie.
She gave it to us as we were leaving the NICU, headed home with our miracle.
It says, "And they lived happily ever after."
There's been a few mudholes and ditches along the way...
...but we're in our "happily ever after" now.

In our living room, we have a dark walnut bookcase.
 The area is not a large one, so I keep things to a minimum. 
Less stuff = more room to breathe. :)
The votive holders are Party Lite, circa 2004. They are a golden brown color & I LOVE them.
The little house was a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle.
It's probably my most favorite thing in our home right now!
The little white urn was a Goodwill find that I spray painted white.
I loooove me some spray paint!
I just stuck a leftover sunflower in the top.

Not a great picture, but here's a full picture oft he bookcase. 
One of my next projects is painting it white & applying pretty paper to the back of it.
Stars on the top are from Ross, circa 2010.
Random hurricane glass with old balls found in the garage - no idea where I got them from.
Candle holder from Dollar General, earlier this year.

Here's the bakers rack in my dining room.
Top urn (??) is from Hobby Lobby, 2011.
Canvas art I bought on Walmart.com in 2006 - first thing I bought for our house after marriage!
Green votive holder from Ross this year.
Rooster from Ross, I think 2011.

This ist he only "faii-ish" thing I have in the kitchen
....and I leave it out all year round!

Well, there you go - my house decorated for fall!
I  don't go all out like some people, but I'm still building my stash. 
I like to buy things on clearance after the holiday is over.
Next year my goal is to have some hay bales to decorate outside with!

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