Thursday, October 24, 2013

Instagram Picture Dump

I take a lot of pictures. Instagram is addicting.
Do you see where we're going here?

Because I don't want to forget them, here is an Instagram picture dump.
July until present - either I've taken them or I was tagged in them.
I may need a 12-step program, because these are just a FEW!

 I'm not sure if I've even shared a picture of myself lately. This is me, bald head & all!

The difference an hour makes! When she first woke up & when she was leaving for school.

Silly, sweet Junebug!

Yesterday morning, ready to leave for school. I LOVE this handmade boutique outfit - $.50 yar dsale find - it's the tunic/bloomers set. I couldn't believe it!

Last night she brought home her FIRST school library book!

My little sissy & I on our way to Atlanta for a doctors appointment. :)

Pumpkins all decorated for Halloween...spoooky!

These next few pictures are all from when the girls stayed with my family in Mississippi during my bone marrow transplant. These are not even a tenth of the pictures April took. She honestly probably took 5-15 pictures per day and posted them online or texted them to me so I could see them. She will never know how much I appreciate that. Thank you, April!

June LOVED Miss Gracelyn, "the baby". LOL!

Three beatiful girls. 

 April's dad lives behind them and he has a small farm. 
The girls loved going out to check for the eggs.

Well, hot dog! We found one!

Three sweet girls all ready for church!

I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thursday! There isn't much going on around these parts today - staying home to clean and Sara cheers at her last football game tonight. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

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