Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday!

I'm sorry for the lack of photos - I'm having major issues with iPhoto.

My weight has always flip-flopped back and forth.
I blew up somewhere around second grade, but I've always been a little...plump.
When I was about 15-16, I lost  a LOT of weight - from about 220 to 152, so 68 pounds. 
From a size 20/22 to a 10/12. (HOW do I remember this?!)
Then I put on about 25 pounds after graduating in 2002, moved to England in2 005  & got married.
Let's just say, I left England and went back 3 months later  40 pounds heavier.
Once again, I lost it all (back down t o 152 - there's that magic number again) for a BIG weight loss.
Got pregnant, had a baby, miscarried twice, had another baby, and.....

You get the picture.

I had my bone marrow transplant in July, and ever since, I have been dropping weight.
At first it literally melted off. Once again, my highest was 220. 
(What IS it with these SAME numbers?!)
I dropped down to about 198 by my 6 week checkup around the first of September - 22 lbs. gone.
Now it's the end of October, and as of this morning, I've lost 17 more pounds. 181 pounds - I cannot TELL you the last time I was in the 180's! Probably while I was expecting Sara.

Food has never been a "vice" for me. I've heard other people say that lots of times, and I don't really understand because I didn't feel that way. I just ate because....I was bored, mostly. And I ate the WRONG things. That's even more important. Post transplant, I've pretty much became a vegetarian. I rarely eat meat, and that's okay with me. Not because I have any particular convictions about it, but because I can't handle it. It smells and tastes disgusting. Especially chicken. I can do it in very minimal amounts, but not often. I prefer fruits & vegetables, and pastas occasionally. I truly believe this is why my weight has just fell off. It's not because I'm doing anything spectacular, for sure!
(Unless you count receiving a bone marrow transplant spectacular....and, you know what? I kinda do.)
I have become a healthier person.

 However, I have noticed the weight loss slowing down. I still have about 40 pounds left that I want to shed, so I'm about to step up my game. Two weeks ago, I started walking to the bus stop to get the neighborhood kids off the bus int the afternoons. Not much, right? But when it painted me to take 10 steps before, it's no small feat to walk about quarter of a mile. My strength is still coming back.

SO - my goals for this week?

-  walk at least 30 minutes per day
- ride the (real) bike for 30 minutes outside with the kids
- work on toning my core area 15 minutes a day
- no snacks after supper for 7 days

Yes, I know these goals are not much. They may seem very easy to you. But for me, this is definitely a challenge. Not because I'm hugely out of shape, but because of that I've been through this year. It'll be interesting to see what next weeks weigh-in will look like - I'm pretty excited!

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