Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sara Faith turned FIVE on Saturday.
F I V E!
Where in the world has thet ime gone?
We had a really great day -- went with the family
to the Wild Animal Safari Park in Warm Springs, GA.
If you've never been, Pine Mountain/Warm Springs is a really cool little place.
Lots of great shops, amazing food (if you go -- try the Bulloch House!)
and just a cool family atmosphere.
The rare family photo of us --
curly boy hair that I STILL haven't figured out how to handle.

My two younger sisters with the girls.
I couldn't resisit sharing this photo because Sara was SO tired!
It was the end of the trip, she was ill & ready to stop taking pictures.

Clearly you can see she is ready to stop taking pictures!
She loves these cowgirl boots.
I can barely get her to wear anything else!
The family just before leaving.
My dad, Cade, Tiffany, Sara, baby sister Allie, little sister Kayla, June Claire & Michael. 

June Claire was SO excited she kept trying to climb out the window! 

She got to pet and feed a of the best parts of the day! 

Mama & baby zebra.
<3 br="br">
No clue what this animal was, 
but he totally resembled lf from the old school TV show! 

Her actual party is this Saturday & I can't WAIT to shae pictures.:))
Dear Sara,
Happy FIFTH birthday to you! I can hardly believe it. You are my first true love, my pride & joy, and my beautiful baby girl. You have grown so much this year. You're a little spitfire & I love it. You say the funniest things -- like asking Uncle Sonny if he wants an uppercut, telling some random person at church we migt not make it home because we may run out of gas (yes, YOU DID THIS!), etc. You are my big helper, too. Especially since I came homefrom the hospital. You will ask if there'sa nything you can do for me and when I was first getting around you would ask me if you could hold my hand andhelp me so I wouldn't fall. You still do that sometimes. I think your favorite foods are peanut butter pie, mac & cheese, grilled cheese,Mexican, and green bean caserole. You do NOT like tomatoes, but that's okay because I'm iffy on them, too.You are a GREAAT big sissy and you love your little issy to death. You're really into playing house. Youlove the though of school, but when we sit down to actually do your work you're not so hot on it.
I think my best memory from this year would be getting to see you and your sister again on January 16th. I hadn't seen you since November 21 of the previous year because I had been in the hospital. I could barely even see you because my eyes were so damaged. They wouldn't let ya'll come past the front waiting area so they wheeled me out there and you just sat in my lap and snuggled up to me. Best feeling ever.
Every Sunday someone would bring ya'll up and we would visit in the lunch area.
I lived for those days.
Baby love, I don't know what this year brings us. You know I've been really sick and we just never know what the good Lord has in store for us. I want you to always know that your mama loves you more than ANYTHING else in this world. You are such a beautiful child and I don't everwant you to forget that. If you work hard,set goals and accomplish them, you will succeed. I'm not saying there won't' be struggles. Everyone will always have struggles, and no matter how serious yours are compared to theirs, it doesn't mean theirs aren't hard for them. I love you so, so much!


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- dls - said...

happy belated birthday to your sweet Sara!
that was such a sweet mama/daughter letter!