Wednesday, October 17, 2012

no words

This women right here is my Mawmaw.
My daddy's mother.
She has been going downhill for a while,
had a troke late Monday & will only be with us for a short while longer.
A short while longer.
It seems so strange to say those words.
We had an amazing visit with her yesterday where she was able to respond to us
but today is a different story.
Please be in prayer for my family as we mourn for ourselves.
I'm not mourning for her.
She is ready to go home to be with Jesus and my Pawpaw.
Pray that her passing is easy as can be and that she remains comfortable 'til then.
Mawmaw....we all love you a whole lot.
We'll never forget the memories we have of you
and we'll make sure to tell the babies all of them so they'll know you, too.


- dls - said...

thinking of you Stephanie!

Cas D said...

Praying for you in this difficult time.. Hey I wanted to talk to you if you didnt mind. I found you through Mama L. My email is