Monday, October 29, 2012

easy days & good food....and a little diva

Hey ya'll!
I hope ya'll are having a great day!
I'm officially feeling much netter. I am sooo happy to be "back"...and so is my family!
We had a very lazy wekend. Saturday we just laid around & relaxed. Mike grilled steaks, cabbage, & potatoes - if you have never had griled cabbage you haaave to try it. Same with corn on the cob. I will never ever boil either one again. With cabbage, you pour olive oil over the top, season with salt &; pepper, and wrap aluminium foil over it. With corn, you can either spray with Pam or put a litle dab of butter, season with italian seasonings & wrap in aluminum foil. Super easy & packed with flavor.

Today was day 11 of my LAST 20 day cycle of chemo!
SO thankful. Ya'll have nooo idea. But it's scary at the same time.
Because, naturally, while one is on chemo, cancer stays away.
But what happens if it comes back when the chemo stops?
I'm trusting & believing & PRAYING with all of my might that I'll be declared

I snapped this picture before we ran out the door this morning.
It looks like Sara is squeezing the mess out of June but both girls were laughing hysterically.
It's so sweet to wake up to their sweetness every morning!
On Mondays we have dance -- Sara at 4 & June Claire at 5:45.
We raced home from chemo to throw them together & get them there in time.
I made lasagna for supper and I love quick and easy meals like that.
Little miss June is at the age where she is constantly testing us.
At the supper table her daddy reminded her to sit in her chair until she was "all done".
Apparently, she likes to march to the beat from her own drum because quick as lightening,
she waved her fork at him as a princess would a sceptor and said,
Which translates to "Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!" in June-ese.
She was casting a magical,magical spell on her daddy before he could think twice!
She's also learned to pitch fits (as we say here in the South) & at least five times a day I hear
one foot stomping
two feet stomping
23ish pounds jumping up and down
"I 'ONT WANT" (I don't want to)
Aaah. You can often hear ME saying...
"If she'd have been the first, she'd have been the LAST!"


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