Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy birthday, mama!

My sassy mama celebrated her birthday today!
I won't tell her age because a true Southern lady never reveals that.
My mama raised me on her own & still managed to sit down at the table with me
every night & eat supper. She taught me the value of a dollar and the meaning of hard work.
And she taught me to love Jesus & to have a kind heart that's willing to help others.
She has sacrified a lot for me - in the past year especially -
and I'll always be so very grateful for that.
But she's more than "just" a mama.
She's a really fun Mawmaw to two beautiful little girls.
They worship the ground she walks on!
She's a good mama-in-law to my husband
and she's always been there for us.
Even when I came home one night & told her I'd turned my notice in at work -
and I was moving to England.
So, yeah, she didn't talk to me for a few days -
but eventually she gathered her wits and saw me off...
I would say gracefully, except it really wasn't. ;)
But a year & a half later she flew to the other side of the world
(or so it felt)
and ran down the terminal hall, pushing people out of her way, to grab me.
One of my best memories.
Hers was the first face I remember when I woke up from my coma.
She was singing "You Are My Sunshine"...
I don't ever want to forget how much I love her.

These are the only two pictures I can find on this computer, but they're great.
Her world revolves around these two & they know it. Haha!
Dear Mama,
Even though you are sassy and so down to earth and to the point
(which is the only thing we'veever argued about, lol)
you have taught me so much about life.
More than you'll ever know that you taught me.
Thank you for giving up everything and putting your own life on hold this past year
to help me and my little family recuperat, get back on our feet
& figure out how to adjust to our new life.
Thanks for letting us invade your home for the past 9 months!
But most of all, thank you from the very bottom of my heart
for being my mama. I wouldn't trade you for a million dollars. :)

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- dls - said...

what a sweet post for your mama! :)
enjoy all these bday celebrations!