Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthdays, fishing, & fried chicken

I'm still here, still alive.
Still taking a lot of time off of the Internet
to spend with my family.
Shamefully, not taking a whole lot of pictures.
The weekend before last, my mom & nephew
came up for a few days.
It's always such a joy to have an older kid in our house
...even if sometimes I really REALLY
wanted to play the "quiet mouse, still mouse" game.

Last weekend we went down to my hometown
and enjoyed a few days there.
It was Bubba's birthday, so we made a family favorite -- dinner in the skillet.
It's my grandma's recipe,
and I suspect it comes from the Depression era
because it only contains ground beef, pasta, tomato sauce,
bell pepper, onion, and cheese.
Ground beef, bell pepper, tomato sauce & onion
they would have grown themselves,
pasta was cheap (and probably made herself),
and cheese was fairly inexpensive.
Every time we eat it, I think of Grandma.
I can SMELL it & think of her.
Bubba blew out 39 candles on a homemade birthday cake
with the BEST frosting I've ever put in my mouth.
(And I've put a LOT of frosting in my mouth over the years!)
The boys enjoyed an afternoon of fishing....
the last few times they've went fishing,
they've thrown it all back & came home empty handed!
This time, I made SURE they knew they better
NOT throw the fish back.
I'm ready for a fish fry!
Thankfully for them, they came back with about 10 fish.
That's a good start to the 50+ it will take to feed our extended family. ;)

We also had supper over with my sisters & dad.
Sara always loves a chance to play with her cousins,
and ya'll know I can't turn down an invitation to fried chicken!

And nope, not ONE single picture of either weekend!

Right now, miss Sara is sick AGAIN.
I am SO ready for sunshine & hot weather!
Bring on the shorts, t-shirts, & beach/pool/lake/pond/creek!

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