Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The past few days

This post is pretty much all over the place, so I'm going to warn you now. :)


Monday M had off from work, so he and Sara slept in
while I ran JC to get her Synagis vaccination.
She weighs 11 pounds 13 ounces! Gaining slowly but surely.
I HATE when she has to get shots. I feel so guilty.
She has no idea it's coming...she just lays there so sweetly,
talking and giggling and reaching out for me and then...
BAM! She has a needle stuck in her leg
and her face crumples and she cries her poor little heart out.
It kinda makes me want to punch the nurses face in.
(I would never act on that, I promise!)
But, alas, it's a necessary evil.
If she didn't get this lung vaccination each month,
her compromised immune system and respiratory situation
would put her at such a great risk that the slightest cold
would hospitalize her for days,
or even weeks. So we do it. And I cry.
And promise her all the lollipops and gumdrops
she could ever want when she's old enough. :)

Yesterday was back to normal. All these days off have greatly spoiled me!
I nearly cried when the alarm clock went off at 6 AM.
Ugh. Remind me again why I can't be rich and live a life of leisure on some tropical island? Heck, I'll settle for south Florida!
Anyway, back to normal, blue-collar life.
I dropped Sara off for Mother's Day Out
(which, by the way, she was so excited to go
that she couldn't even tell me goodbye!
What's up with THAT, Sara?)
and then ran over to "the big city" for June's PT.
Which had been rescheduled...only I didn't know it had been rescheduled
. Then June and I came home and watched
the Bachelor, three episodes of The View,
and cleaned up while Sara was at school.
I love Hulu.

Sara's been begging to help feed JC lately, so we let her try the other night.


Please excuse both of the girls in their jammies and messy hair.

This was "easy day", as Sara calls the weekends.

JC thought it was the best thing ever to have her big sister feed her breakfast.

And Sara thought she was just precious doing it.

"Look at me, mommy! I feed Junebug! I so cute!" have such confidence again. :)

One last picture to share with you.

I was going through my cell phone pictures last night and discovered this one.

It was taken in July 2010 when Grandma & Grandpa came to visit.

This was the last time they came to visit us.

I think it was probably the last picture of Michael with them, too.

Grandpa was SO proud of his little Junebug (who was named after his father).

He would tell everybody he met what a miracle she was

and how she is proof that God answers prayers.

He reminded us of that every time we talked on the phone,

even just two or three days before he passed away

he told us of how he was talking to someone who had been going through a trial.

"You should meet my great-granddaughter," he said. "She's a fighter.

They told my grandson she wouldn't make it, and now she's 8 months old."

He was so proud and so honored that there were hundreds of people

all over the WORLD praying for HIS granddaughter.

I'll never forget how that affected him (and me). Love ya, Grandpa.



HappyascanB said...

Absolutely love the story of Michael's grandfather bragging about June being so strong and brave!!!

Together We Save said...

Oh I hated it when my girls had to get shots.... and I can not imagine how tough once a month would be.