Monday, February 28, 2011


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A couple of things have happened recently to really make me think.

About two weeks ago, the girls & I were in Wal-Mart.
 A sweet elderly lady in a wheelchair stopped us and started talking to June. 
June, being her usual sweet self, was smiling and giggling with the woman. 
The woman asked if she could hold June. 
Normally, I'm pretty iffy about things like that...
but this time, something told me to let her. 
So I did. 
We talked for probably 15 minutes in the middle of the soap aisle at Wal-Mart. 
She held June, played with her, and entertained Sara. 
She asked me why June was so small,
 and we had a good conversation about premature babies & the grace of God.
Then she handed June back to me 
and thanked me for letting her have a few moments of our time. 
She ended up telling me that she always prayed earnestly for children, 
but was never able to have any. 
She always longed for a baby to fill her arms, 
but God did not have that in His plan. 
She said that those 15 minutes were some of the best of her life.

Last night, my cousins & I went to Kohl's 
for a little late night shopping rendezvous. 
Again, a woman stopped me -- she was middle-aged this time.
She commented on June's small size and again, 
I explained that she was a preemie. 
She asked how early, and when I said 27 weeks, 
I literally saw a look of shock cross her face.
 She got tears in her eyes and started talking to JC. 
She told me that 17 years ago, she was expecting twins. 
At 27 weeks, they passed away.
She said she never had any anger, only sadness for her loss.
She thanked me for allowing her a few moments of our time, 
and reminded me that we are very blessed to have a healthy baby
 after very nearly not having a baby at all.

There have been some days where people have tried to stop me and talk about premature babies, sick babies, babies with heart conditions, etc. and I have sort of just blew them off. Sometimes I was just in a hurry, plain and simple. 
Whether I had a baby who wanted to nurse, 
a husband who needed to be fed back at home, 
or I was trying to grocery shop with a cranky 3 year old and a 10 month old 
who just wants mama to hold her.

But you can bet your bottom dollar I will do my best to make time 
for everybody from now on, 
because you NEVER know when they may be hurting. 
You may not even know you have something to offer them. 

But God does.

P.S. Click here to read about baby Hadlei. She and her mama made FRONT PAGE in our local newspaper!

P.P.S. There is a baby who has been born in my hometown who needs prayer. Baby Tanner was a little early and is having problems growing, eating, and with his sugar. He was moved yesterday to a bigger hospital where his needs could be better met. Please just take a moment to remember him in your prayers.


Archaeology cat said...

That brought a tear to my eye.

HappyascanB said...

Chills! How awesome! May God bless YOU for being so sweet and giving with your precious miracle!!