Monday, February 14, 2011

Summer vacay, baby!

Last night, my family booked accomodations here:



I am SOOOOO THRILLED to be headed south again to Destin, Florida!

Destin is one of my FAVORITE vacation spots, EVER.

(I'm pretty sure Charleston will beat it by a landslide...

...if we can ever make it there!)

My WHOLE family on my dads side is going.

Our last (and our first, actually...) family vaca was

in May of 2008, right after my middle sisters

high school graduation.

Ummm....nearly two years is a LONG time!

Not to mention my brother-in-law was deployed

& couldn't even join in the fun.

13 people will be staying in 2 different condos.


There's a large possibility we may have lost our minds.

Things we love to do in Destin include

-- deep sea fishing

(the guys have planned to go every day!)

-- eating at The Back Porch


image found via Google

-- shopping at the outlets

(hello outlet Coach store....I have missed you WAY too much!)

-- eating super yummy ice cream at Shake's

-- doing all the touristy things like miniature golf, go-kart racing, bumper cars

-- last, but DEFINITELY not least we ALL enjoy

being out in the hot sunshine, playing in the beach!

and laying in said sunshine to get as dark as possible!

I am way excited and I don't know how we

will ever possibly wait until AUGUST.

So....if you've ever been to Destin, where is your favorite spot?

Where is your favorite spot to vacation, period?

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