Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Local Restaurant Recommendation

On Valentine's night, my cousin & I went out to eat.
Mike & I had celebrated over the weekend,
and I was visiting my other cousin in the hospital.
This restaurant is AMAZING. Seriously -- if you live ANYWHERE
near Opelika, must try this restaurant.
It's called Cock of the Walk
and it is some good southern cookin', for sure!


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I love the atmosphere. When you first drive up,
you'll probably think you're headed to somebody's house.
They have a fish pond on the property,
which I'm 99% sure they raise their own catfish from.
The staff were really looked as if the owners were management
(again, I'm assuming)
and they talked to us as if they'd known us our whole lives!
I love that about the South.

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I'm a sucker for appearances...
they brought our sweet tea out in little (ice-cold) tin cups.
We ate on tin plates.
It was AWESOME, have I said that yet?
The cole slaw was to die for
& I don't even LIKE cole slaw!!
It was unlike any I've ever tasted before.
It had this sauce that was a little spicy, NOT sweet
but not very bitter, either.
They bring it out to your table along with
cornbread and pickled onions
(which, I thought was going to be nasty...but NO!)

I got the catfish, crab claws, and mustard greens
and we got fried pickles as a starter.
Big portions....aaaaaaamazing food!

So if you're in the east-central Alabama area...
please go to this restaurant.
It will not disappoint.

(FYI -- this restaurant has not paid me to promote them
and they probably don't even remember me
and definitely do not even know I have a blog.
I really do just love them THAT much!)

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