Saturday, July 10, 2010

My heart is breaking

You may remember me asking for prayer for my sweet cousin and her precious little one, Hadlei.

Hadlei was a miracle baby, born with Heterotaxy Syndrome and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

Hadlei Grace Segrest went home to be with Jesus this afternoon. This was a sudden, unexpected thing, as they were hopeful she would be home within a week.

I COVET your prayers for Britni and our family. I cannot express to you how many needs to be met -- financial (hospital bills & funeral cost) and emotional both.


Paula Kathlyn said...

I am so sorry for this loss in your family. Please know that my heart and prayers go out to your cousin...I truly can not imagine...but I do know that God can give peace in the midst of the storm.


Lora said...

My heart is hurting for Britni, I cannot imagine what she must be going though. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

HappyascanB said...

I am so sorry. So very sorry. Praying for all of your family.

Sara said...

Prayers to you and the family. So sad.