Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy Days

My mama with Sara & June. I think June was getting mad at Sara because that girl cannot sit still to save her life, and it kept jiggling her around! I love this picture because it's one of the rare "real" smiles my mama gives in pictures.

We've had a pretty busy day today. Woke up this morning at 8:30 to the a/c repair guys knocking on the door -- they'd forgotten to get a few pieces of information for the warranty when they fixed our unit a few weeks ago. I must have looked rough, because he apologized profusely for waking me. ;) Dude. I have a 3 month old, who is really like a newborn. We have no schedule. It could have been 3 in the afternoon and chances are, I'd have been sleeping if I could have. So goes the life with a baby in the house!

I cleaned out the girls rooms this morning. BOY do they have a LOT of stuff! I mean...a LOT! I only have Sara's closet left to clean out (I have all my scrapbooking and sewing stuff in the bottom of it -- I've got to find a new home for it and I don't know WHERE I'm going to put it! In the garage, maybe? Hmm...I could turn a part of it into my own little craft room!) and then both rooms are ready to decorate. And by "decorate", I mean throw the stuff up on the wall that I've already gotten picked out. We still need to get a crib for June, but that doesn't have to happen rightthisverysecond because she's sleeping in the bed with us. And we need to get her a swing. We're both getting tired of the bouncer!

Now the only room left in the house to deep clean is the laundry room. I will get that this weekend.

Mike came home early (about 2:00), it was nice to have someone to chat with while I got some laundry folded and put away. Have I ever mentioned laundry is my nemesis??) Made taco soup for supper (sooo delicious, quick & SUPER easy!) then Sara and I went to pick up a birthday present for a party on Sunday. We had a nice little "date", just the two of us. On the way home a song came on that reminded me of how hard Hadlei and June fought at life, and I was getting teary...Sara said, "Mama, why are you sad? You miss Hadlei?" And my heart just about broke into a million pieces. Earlier today she told me she was going bye-bye to the hospital to play with the babies, because that's where they lived until they were ready to come home to their mommies and daddies and big sisters. So SWEET, but heartbreaking to me that at 2 years old, she already has known such turmoil in our lives.

On a lighter note -- I did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred tonight. OH. MY. WORD. That's a great workout! Mike agreed to do it with me on the nights I don't get to the gym. Today I hit a weight loss goal I haven't seen in THREE YEARS! i'm going to try and do a weight loss post each Wednesday, but we'll see how it goes.


Lora said...

Sara is too sweet! Its amazing the insight little one's have!

HappyascanB said...

I had a similar experience with the bug man about 2 weeks after Molly was born. I'm pretty sure I scared him to no end, but that's the way it is with a newborn around the house!

Sweet Sara. . . . that brought tears to my eyes!

His Jules said...

Hey Stephanie- the crib at the church is just waiting on you and Michael to come pick it up!!!