Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stranded: Famous People Edition (link up with Mix and Match Mama)

I'm linking up today with Mix and Match Mama for their "Stranded With...Famous People Edition" blog party! It's my first time, and I'm so excited! I had to REALLY think about this one. They host one every month and I'm looking forward to doing it again!
The first person who came to mind was Ree Drummond, for several reasons.
#1 - She's funny, so she'd keep me laughing while I was trying not to have a conniption fit.
#2 - She can cook. I mean, she can cook GOOD. She would be able to come up with all sorts of meals from things found on an island that I ever could.
#3 - She's go a lot of kids and often feeds a lot of people - she would be creative and organized.
#4 - She works with a wide array of big animals, so you know - if a hog or cow or something happened to swim the ocean to my deserted island, she'd probably know a little about how to clean it. And clean fish. Because I do not clean fish.

Uncle Si. For obvious reasons.
This has to be famous people, and my husband isn't famous. (well, in my book he is.)
Daniel Lissing is easy on the eyes, yes - but you know, he's strong, and me and Ree and Uncle Si are not gonna be all that strong. Obviously. ;)
If you link up, let me know! I'd love to read.
Have a great day, ya'll!


Caitlin Williams said...

Uncle Si would be such a fun choice! :)

Laura said...

I live in the same city as Uncle Si. He's soooo nice! And yes! Carries his sweet tea everywhere!