Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Comparisons

Hey ya'll! Usually on Fridays, I link up with Keys Korner for her Show Us Your Life series - but this week was on kids room and the girls room currently looks like Hurricane Opal (you Alabama 90's kids will get the reference) tore through there. Then I link up with the 5 on Friday group some but I have had a blah week and couldn't come up with 5 interesting favorites. The week consisted of a failed dental procedure (painful) and my back is giving me problems. That's landed me on the couch or in bed most of the time. I did get one big thing accomplished, though....I cleaned out the girls closet last night/this morning and now have to face the BIG task of listing it all for sale.
All I have for you today are these two comparison pictures. I noticed tem a few days ago but just got around to putting them together on Instagram.
This. This is the difference 5 years and a 120 pound weight loss brings.
Ignore the sticker on the sunglasses - I was trying several on and there was no mirror there so I snapped some pics. I bought these.
Not even ashamed.

And THIS! My baby! The first shot is me packing for a several week hospital stay 3 years ago. She didn't want me to go so she decided she'd try to go with me! Second shot is her while we were packing for Stone Mountain the other weekend. Someone tell her to stop growing up!
That's all I have, friends. I hope ya'll have a wondereful weekend!

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