Monday, June 6, 2016

Meal Plan Monday 6/6-6/12

I've been missing for a couple weeks, but it's because the first week Mike had his second round of chemo and I didn't care one lick about getting on the computer. The second week we went on vacation to Panama City, FL! My niece had a cheer competition (which they won several awards at AND have th eopportunity to cheer in the 2016 Orange Bowl! Go Panthers!) down there so my sisters on my dads side, their families, and my family went down for a long weekend. We had a blast! Pictures to cme on the Five on Friday post. Be on the lookout!

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This week is a slow one for the girls and I, but busy for my mom and Mike, because he has five straight days of chemo and she drives him. I'll be cooking all suppers, which is no big deal.

Monday: tomato basil chicken sausage sauteed with mini red bell peppers, fresh carrots, and pasta salad
Tuesday: seasoned whole chicken with onions and carrots in the crockpot, served with roasted new potatoes
Wednesday: cheese tortellini in alfredo sauce, green beans
Thursday: Not gonna lie - cheesy Hamburger Helper and peas on the side
Friday: spaghetti
Saturday: bean soup - basically black beans, kidney beans, navy beans, corn, diced tomatoes, onion and celery. Pretty much a meatless chili.
Sunday: again - not gonna lie - fish sticks and steamed veggies

We are recovering from vacation so I planned this weeks menu solely around whats on hand. No money spent + no grocery trip = great relief for a family dealing with a parent in chemo.

Have a great Monday!

P.S. Go check out my meal plan video on YouTube!

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Laura said...

Your post reminds me of the days when I use to meal plan. I should probably get back to that!